70s sunglasses: Protective eyewear with a 70’s decade design.

From the image, you’ll spot the mirrored lens trend is still dominating.
Safety awareness is key to your health and the fitness of your co-workers.
The easiest way to protect your eyes is by wearing safety glasses and goggles.
The safety glasses you choose should be high quality, flexible, lightweight, and protect from harmful ultraviolet light levels.
It’s best if you don’t put your eyes at risk because you don’t desire to wear safety glasses.

These glasses had solid lenses with a hard, flexible outer clear coating that has been resistant to scratches but comfortable to wear.
The coating was placed over two pieces of glass which were combined together by a patented welding technique.
The style never died down since then and is still extremely popular today.
Its variety of earthly tones adds to the aesthetic touch that almost everyone wants to achieve.
The most popular design of prescription eyewear for 2023 is the round frame, which suits women of most ages.
You might effortlessly carry off your personality style if you wear these with conviction.
A square frame complements a round face, whereas a round frame gives a squarer face a softer, more elegant look.

The frames, however, are thinner and you’ll observe that they were not only the classic black color anymore.
Possibly the most loved aspect about The Wayfarer is the proven fact that not only could it be worn by people who have different face shapes, the style can be loved and worn by both men and women.

  • Different lenses are offered to protect against various hazards that workers might encounter, including UV protection, wind protection, and dust protection.
  • After their popularity in the 50s, sales began to decline with the introduction of the big and oversized trend of sunglasses previously mentioned.
  • We produce all models with high-quality Italian acetate from the renowned Italian houses of Mazzucchelli and LAES.
  • All wearers of prescription eyewear could now live their sport fully with the first Julbo 100% prescription sunglasses.

By the 1960s, men’s sunglasses were not as experimental as woman’s.
Yes, men could previously be spotted wearing a set of Wayfarers but unlike women, who had the fun play on frames that became popular in the 40s, men’s eyewear was great but virtually – basic.

Luxury Fashion & Independent Designers

There are only a few styles of eyewear that can claim to be ideal for the female and male faces and the classic Wayfarer is one of them.
In the 80s, both male and female stars, in addition to anyone else, were seen rocking this style.
Combined with the Wayferer, Browline glasses were a popular eyewear style for men in the 50s.
We might now know them as a “Clubmaster style”, but “clubmaster style” specifically identifies the sunglass variation of the eyewear and they got popularised in the 80s.
Browline glasses bring a particular focus to the wearers eyebrows by having a thick or dark material across the top of the

  • To maintain with demand, companies began manufacturing an updated twist of the military version in new styles and lens colors.
  • Sometimes a little bit over the top, most frames were supersized and geometric.
  • It isn’t really a favored era by many people as it is often remarked how style in

The key aspects of this trend include the usage of items as self-care, objects with a tale to inform, and responsible design focused on creating ethical, green solutions.
Designers and fashionistas are gearing up for the year 2023 for setting new styles and creative designs.
The fashion world is eagerly awaiting and looking forward to what’s the haute couture in store for them.
VALLON have recently partnered with Wayne to bring back his classic white shades, branded with “WW” on the side, in one of the cooler collabs we’ve ever seen.

Transparente Vintage

Eyewear of the 1970s could, sometimes, be over-the-top and gaudy, but this was more of a reaction to the plain and somewhat dull look of the previous years.
Barcelona and Spain have an incredible network of creative people, because of this , we develop all our image world with local artists, photographers, stylists, filmmakers and producers.
Place lenses under warm running water to remove particles of dirt and dust.
Clean your lenses regularly with a clean cotton cloth using mild soap and water.
Goods that are damaged or because of normal deterioration; by accident; or through misuse will never be considered faulty.
In the event that you received an incorrect or damaged item due to a mistake on our part, we shall refund the original delivery cost/handling fees on your order.

Historically the initial iteration of octagonal frames were during the 1850s.
Many early steel eyeglasses frames were made in the octagon shape.
This took a rest for some 50 years until the popularity of rimless eye glasses in the 1920’s took hold.
Once nose pads had been invented the lens shape turned from round and oval to various different versions

This number was chosen because it may be the year the Austrian premium eyewear brand was founded.
Many frames Made in France were simply stamped “Frame France” and these had one of the most radical styles jeweled.
Tura Optical was another manufacturer of Women’s 1960’s glasses frames making use of their classic signature aluminum cat eye frames and their creative jewels.

Gunmetal eyeglass frames are perfect for a formal and classic look.
Gunmetal is really a deep shade of gray mixed with blue, gunmetal gray glasses bring to mind the toughness of metal, with the word “gun” in the name bringing a certain seriousness to the color.

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