But it’s certainly never been considered gourmet—until maybe now.
A-Sha, the Taiwanese dry noodle brand which has partnered with Momofuku and collaborated with Sanrio for Hello Kitty-branded noodles, is trying to change that image.
My sister gave me a few packs of these to try and I actually found them to be quite tasty.
I don’t often eat instant noodles because most are quite unhealthy, so maybe that’s why I liked these.
They are not deep fried and don’t have MSG so these noodles

  • Individually packaged, they’re great on-the-go, or if you want a delicious option for family and friends.
  • I am glad to read these should have been served chilled with cucumber, etc similar to ramen salads.
  • It is 40% less sodium than instant ramen noodles and has been reduced from 1760mg to 1030mg.
  • — I was missing the heat of a good soup.

is probably not as flavourful as other instant noodles.
I ate my noodles with the Bibigo chicken & cilantro mini wontons.
Take classic stir-fried noodles up a notch for tonights dinner with @Asha-DryNoodle and then tossed with a sweet and savory soy-based sauce.

Sweet Box Sugarcane

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The brand were only available in 1977 and specializes in air dried, instead of fried, instant noodles.
“The traditional ramen that’s in blocks is deep fried whereas air dried noodles are often dried straight, like a stick,” explains A-Sha’s president Young Chang.

  • Considering the bevy of other noodle options

A-SHA Tainan Style Noodles have a normal Taiwanese taste and is rated Taiwan’s #1 noodle.
Made out of finely sifted wheat and natural high-quality ingredients, these MSG-free ramen noodles proceed through an 18-hour air drying process.
The noodles are never deep fried and contain no harmful additives.
Enjoy them with the included sauce packet and without any of the guilt. [newline]Maybe since I am not Korean or Japanese I don’t know very well what a real ramen noodle should taste like, but I find this packet so delicious…its true you do have to jazz up the flavor a bit.
I too was underwhelmed by these since I was pumped up about having Taiwan style noodle.
Since I buy plenty of noodle types directly from Japan, I am acquainted with air dried noodles which the majority of instant ramens found in Japan are too.

Available To Pick Up Station1

The A-Sha Taiwan style noodles are basically like plain ramen noodles that include a packet of soy sauce.
Not amazing and definitely need something added or else you’re just basically eating soy sauce and noodles.

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Yummy World Of A-sha Noodles

It really is 40% less sodium than instant ramen noodles and has been reduced from 1760mg to 1030mg.
Jammy egg optional, but strongly recommendedThrough everything, the hero remains the noodle.
Because the recommended cooking time leaves things on the al dente side, every bite has real texture to it.
Where most instant noodles are nothing more than a vessel, a bland sponge designed to absorb other ingredients, these noodles have a subtle wheaty flavor that sets them apart.
Considering the bevy of other noodle options in Taiwan alone, A-Sha’s #1 standing is a pretty ringing endorsement — and having tried it myself, I definitely understand why.
With a low price point, almost no effort required, and greatest-hit bundles for the uninitiated, A-Sha makes a solid case for just about any noodle lover to give them a go.

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