A2a2: A2A2 milk contains only the protein A2 beta-casein. As opposed to “regular” A1A2 milk, which also contains A1 beta-casein (which can be harder for some people to digest).

There are hardly any tested A2A2 cows available in our area, so we have often had to test whole herds to find a couple of cows which are A2A2 that also meet our other standards.
We’ve sold off excellent cows that we loved because they weren’t A2A2.
We invested thousands of dollars into a second milk cooling bulk tank for so we could separate the A1 milk from the A2 milk and ensure it cooled quickly.
And we’d to split the herd during milking to make certain all A2 cows were milked first and then the pipeline was swung to the A1 cooling tank before milking the A1 cows.
But we stuck with it because we are focused on providing our loyal clients with the very best products we possibly can.
Human breast, goat, sheep, and water buffalo milks all contain only A2-like proteins, and thousands of years ago, cow’s milk also had only A2.
Historians think that the A1 mutation originated in Europe around 8,000 years back, but why it occurred is available to speculation.

I found you can do online searches of the Journal of Dairy Science.
Very quickly I discovered that there was a big literature in which people had used various genetic markers and correlated various traits of dairy cows using them.
I’ve not yet unearthed an incident where cows were actually selected, nonetheless it was obvious from the context that the idea was that these markers would be used to choose cows for either breeding or milk production on the basis of the markers.
If endemic public concern arose about milk with the capacity of producing BCM7 in the digestive tract, legislation may be passed requiring either that only A2A2 milk be sold or that the A1 beta casein level be on the carton.

A1 Vs A2 Milk For Digestion

Having to worry about a patent that using something to lessen an illness risk makes these techniques harder.
As can be seen, the existence of such patents discourages altruism and concern for public health in the food industry.
Such patents certainly not in favor of the thrust of public policy, and pointing this out could possibly be a secured asset in litigation.
While possibly not the very best PR position, his conscience could possibly be free of concern he previously infringed the A2 Corp. patent concerned with milk that protects against heart attacks.
Lets consider how valuable disease prevention claims may be if approved since A2 corp. might seek to include such claims to the patent if they lost on the existing claims.
How valuable the patent was might depend on how such claims were worded.

In the event that you truly are lactose intolerant, or have a milk sensitivity or allergy, A2 milk still will never be good for you.
Pretty much all the milk you buy in grocery stores is going to contain mostly the A1 form of beta-casein.


These patents could prove a genuine problem in selling semen or even animals to institutions that kept their own cows and sought animals whose milk would donate to reducing the risk of such diseases .
Even if these were, if they bought semen or cows on the basis of the sellers statements concerning if they were A2A2, it would seem the supplier had not infringed.

  • A2 milk is looking a lot like “regular” cows milk—it’s just a marketing scheme.
  • If A1 isn’t in the bull or the cow, the progeny cannot have it.
  • Testing was the most common approach to knowing the genotype at the time.

In giving them the next patent mentioning genotyping , it seems the united states examiner believed Elliott and Hill’s original idea included genotyping.
I wonder if this meant they disagreed with the Australian authorities, or if the issues there were different.
Incidentally, the above paper might constitute prior art with regard to the A2 Corp.

The above is merely an example, and its understanding should make it obvious that A2A2 progeny can be bred by crossing two A2A2 animals.
Patent litigation can be time consuming, and a notion that A2 was unwilling to enforce certain patents could be neutralized by bringing an action.
Particularly if they anticipate losing and getting the patents declared unenforceable, they could make use of the various opportunities the law offers delaying trials.
Since such clearly would be in the interest of the accused infringers also, one could imagine an extended delay before the case found trial.
The final outcome may possibly be considered a negotiated settlement where in fact the terms were kept secret and the infringer took a license on some terms which were not made public.

The graph below shows the death rate from ischemic heart disease as a function of A1 beta-casein consumption for several countries that all established healthcare systems.
The trend is obvious and is highly unlikely to be because of chance.
The cow’s genetics decide whether it makes milk with A2 beta caseins or perhaps a different type.
In the 1990s, New Zealand-based scientist Dr. Corrie McLachlan started doing research on why more and more people were having adverse reactions to regular milk.

But so as to not have their efforts go to waste, you can view their video here.
You can also read the script below, which had links to scientific journals.

However, claim 17 does not5 appear to be part of a proper English sentence.
I would submit a claim whose meaning can’t be deciphered cannot be infringed.

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