Just in case you need better analytics and segmentation, Apty can be the right tool between your two.
Compared to Apty, Whatfix requires a little more technical knowledge.
The widgets are especially the most addressed problems with regards to customization with Apty.

  • Now we shall probably use Apty for other applications together with it provides better user-insights.
  • The functionality of every highlighted software varies, but a great number of them have been proven to help obtain the job of digital adoption done for numerous companies easily.
  • Apty’s interactive software walkthroughs and powerful analytics can pave the way for seamless Digital Transformation initiatives by ensuring onboarding & training effectiveness and successful change management.
  • In order to improve user adoption of enterprise software, Apty may be the digital adoption platform you will need.

Apty’s advanced tracking tools help you identify wherever your employees are struggling when using a tool, in order to build new support and training content to greatly help them overcome those challenges.
This list includes ten of the best digital adoption platforms, plus a few more thrown in for good measure.

Meet Apty – The Very Best Digital

The manager would explain the platform and collect user analytics and feedback to make recommendations to upper management.
An electronic adoption manager supports the successful implementation of a DAP and means that regular updates are made to training materials to continually improve training.
One of the top benefits of digital adoption platforms is increasing end-user adoption rates.

This list has covered eight different tools, hopefully it had been robust enough that will help you bother making a choice.
For anyone who is switching from another DAP to user guiding, the process can be made seamless to assist you cut costs.

Install the plugin and run through the features you wish to create a guide for.
Appcues is easy-to-use software that lets you build onboarding flows.
It uses no-code tools so anyone can create workflows and publish them within a day.The tool has personalization features to help you build customized journeys.
For example, you can create different onboarding workflows with regards to the user’s role in the business.
Forrester identified digital adoption platforms as a New Wave™ technology category earlier this year.

They are always quick to react to any questions or concerns I have plus they are always willing to help.
They have a great knowledge base that’s easy to search and find answers to my questions.
Overall, I am happy with the service and support I’ve received from Apty.
I was hoping for a platform that could help me manage all my digital adoption needs, nonetheless it was missing plenty of features that I needed.
Apty has a strong focus on change management and employee onboarding, but a solid focus doesn’t always mean the very best product.
In fact, based on your price range, exact needs, and technical capabilities, Whatfix or WalkMe are two other solutions with a similar focus to Apty.
Apty is not the best product to onboard and educates users, and there are some great alternatives such as UserGuiding using that you can create interactive in-app elements without any coding, at an affordable price.

It takes several steps to create a full onboarding with Intercom, but even before you can start, you will need to install the code.
Appcues is another platform that is preferred mostly by enterprises.

For Driving Internal Software Adoption For Employees

Onboard & Train users faster and better with effective segmentation capacity to create personalized content.
This is crucial since thousands of your employees will work with this interface, and it must be easy and friendly to use, plus, it must make sense when it comes to your brand’s voice and overall culture.
Think about DAP as your guiding light when starting to use a new software that is just being implemented by your organization’s stakeholders.
Many of us will consider DAP as a genuine life saver because it really allows you to get to know new solutions as it perfectly integrates with any kind of software.
At GetApp, our comprehensive software listings, verified user reviews, software evaluation scorecards, product comparison pages and articles will empower you to make confident and well-informed purchase decisions.

  • For example, when you have a higher focus on employee training and enterprise use cases you should select WalkMe while if you are seeking to meet your customer’s needs, UserGuiding is your go-to software.
  • The knowledge has been good up to now and it is getting better with each passing day.
  • An activity that starts with a CRM and ends having an ERP could be handled easily with Apty’s in-app guidance.
  • Users may also segment customer data based on app usage, watch and create live walkthroughs to comprehend the software or send informative in-app alerts to their customers.
  • Use DAP analytic capabilities to track course progress and completion.
  • However, Walkme might be slightly tricky for users without technical backgrounds as it isn’t a no-code tool; it can also be a bit pricey compared to other DAP software that you can buy, providing the same service.

Pendo offers analytics features that allow its users to gain access to the metrics that matter most to them.
Scribe comes in convenient for a number of employee workout sessions, as at least 70 percent of things taught to employees are forgotten in less than 48 hours.
So you don’t have to continue over processes whenever they forget or whenever there’s a new hire, use Scribe to document things down.
Power users understand every feature, how to use it to obtain a desired result.

Secondary Ratings

Navigation through MS Dynamics to complete the Sales process could be challenging.
For different user segments to minimize friction and boost adoption.
The price of Workday can be very dynamic and can range ranging from $300k- $800k as a package predicated on requirements and the prospective industry.

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