Age bold: Personalized workout service catered to older customers. Progress is tracked through a series of guided weekly sessions.

Reflection can be an often addressed design goal in Human-Computer Interaction research.
An increasing amount of artefacts for reflection have been developed recently.
However, evaluating if and how an interactive technology helps a user reflect continues to be complex.
This helps it be difficult to compare artefacts for reflection, impeding future design efforts.
To address this matter, we developed the Technology-Supported Reflection Inventory , that is a scale that evaluates how effectively something supports reflection.
We first created a list of possible scale items predicated on past work in defining reflection.
Next, we performed exploratory factor analysis to reduce the scale to its final amount of nine items.

Tangible interfaces have much prospect of engendering shared interaction and reflection, as well as for promoting playful experiences.
How can their properties be capitalised on to enable students to think about their learning, both individually and together, throughout learning sessions?
This Research through Design paper describes our development of EvalMe, a flexible, tangible tool aimed at being playful, enjoyable to utilize and enabling children to reflect on their learning, both in the moment and following a learning session has ended.

Session: Trust, Transparency & Sharing Online

We demonstrate this concept’s robustness utilizing a white-box classifier on a pre-existing dataset comprising 36 everyday hand-object actions.
Our findings validate that easy SoloFinger gestures can relieve the necessity for complex finger configurations or delimiting gestures and that SoloFinger is applicable to diverse hand-object actions.
Finally, we demonstrate SoloFinger’s high performance on commodity hardware using random forest classifiers.
This paper investigates integration, coordination, and transition strategies of gaze and hand input for 3D object manipulation in VR.
Specifically, this work aims to comprehend whether incorporating gaze input can benefit VR object manipulation tasks, and how it ought to be coupled with hand input for improved usability and efficiency.
We designed four gaze-supported techniques that leverage different combination strategies for object manipulation

F. Any person who violates this section regarding a controlled substance classified in Schedule V or Schedule VI or an imitation controlled substance which that imitates a controlled substance classified in Schedule V or Schedule VI, will be is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.
Any person who violates this section with respect to a controlled substance classified in Schedule IV shall be is guilty of a Class 6 felony.
The failure to supply information concerning the school where the student who is the subject of the petition could be enrolled shall not be grounds for refusing to file a petition.
“Proprietor” means the owner or lessee of the public place, who ultimately controls the activities within the general public place.
The term “proprietor” includes corporations, associations, or partnerships along with individuals.
“Nonparticipating employer” means any employer that is clearly a political subdivision of the Commonwealth that elected to directly fund the price of benefits provided under this chapter and not take part in the Fund.
“Line of duty” means any action the deceased or disabled person was obligated or authorized to execute by rule, regulation, condition of employment or service, or law.

If this type of description is used, explain what the disability is and how much the individuals physical or mental performance is affected.
Avoid euphemisms such as for example mentally challenged or descriptions that connote pity, such as afflicted with or suffering from multiple sclerosis.
Whenever a state name is included in the dateline, no state designator is necessary for other cities from exactly the same state if they are mentioned in this article unless there could be confusion between two similarly named cities.
The shop is probably the facilities at the Arkansas Agricultural Research and Extension Center.
The field laboratory is probably the facilities at the Arkansas Agricultural Research and Extension Center.
The research laboratory is one of the facilities at the Arkansas Agricultural Research and Extension Center.
Writers should note that the university offers two general commencements annually, and each college and school also offers an inferior commencement ceremony

  • Every licensed retail marijuana store shall also preserve all invoices showing its purchases for an interval as specified by Board regulations.
  • C. Any licensee authorized to sell alcoholic beverages at retail may sell cider in the same manner and to the same persons, and subject to the same limitations and conditions, therefore license authorizes him to sell other alcoholic beverages.
  • We discover that streamers have a range of content, marketing, and community information needs, many of which are not being met by available tools.
  • If no decision is manufactured within 30 days from receipt by the hearing officer of the notice, then the Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court shall remove the hearing officer from the hearing officer list and report the hearing officer to the Virginia State Bar for possible disciplinary action, unless good cause is shown for the delay.
  • HCI community.

From distribution industries, including fuel, plastics, and packaging to an already disrupted supply chain, we expect far-reaching implications.
Quick commerce players like Gopuff, Gorillas, and Getir also have entered the market within the last few years.
These players promise delivery in under half an hour and drive impulse purchase behavior from shoppers.
Quick commerce has already been a massive business in Europe and is making inroads in the U.S., specifically in NEW YORK.
These players have led other last mile delivery providers like DoorDash and Uber Eats to move in to the convenience and grocery delivery market as well, as these last mile delivery providers see massive revenue opportunities in both.
Quick commerce players can be a bigger section of omnichannel retail in the U.S. over the next five years.

Beyond Reopening: A Leapfrog Moment To Transform Education?

Our review shows an ongoing need within VR research to more consistently include and report on women’s experiences in VR to better understand the gendered chance for cybersickness.
In line with the gaps identified in our systematic review, we contribute study design recommendations for future work, arguing that gender considerations are necessary at every stage of VR study design, even when the study isn’t ‘about’ gender.

While previous work has addressed consent banners from either interaction design, legal, and ethics-focused perspectives, little research addresses the connections among multiple disciplinary approaches, including tensions and opportunities that transcend disciplinary boundaries.
In this paper, we draw together perspectives and commentary from HCI, design, privacy and data protection, and legal research communities, using the language and strategies of “dark patterns” to perform an interaction criticism reading of three several types of consent banners.
Our analysis builds

Session: Various People

The licensee may be held liable for any violation of the subtitle or any Board regulation committed by such agents or employees in connection with their employment.
However, with regard to a hotel classified as a resort complex, the Board may authorize the sale and on-premises consumption of alcoholic beverages in every areas within the resort complex deemed appropriate by the Board.
Nothing herein shall prohibit any person from keeping and consuming their own lawfully acquired spirits in bedrooms or private rooms.
Banquet facility licenses to volunteer fire departments and volunteer emergency medical services agencies, which shall authorize the licensee allowing the consumption of lawfully acquired alcohol consumption on the premises of the licensee by anybody, and real members and guests thereof, otherwise qualified to receive a banquet license.

There’s considerable user-centered research on providing effective privacy notices however, not enough guidance on designing privacy choices.
Recent data privacy regulations worldwide established new requirements for privacy choices, but system practitioners battle to implement legally compliant privacy choices that also provide users meaningful privacy control.
We construct a design space for privacy choices predicated on a user-centered analysis of how people exercise privacy choices in real-world systems.
This work contributes a conceptual framework that considers privacy choice as a user-centered process in addition to a taxonomy for practitioners to design meaningful privacy choices within their systems.
We also present a use case of how we leverage the look space to finalize the look decisions for a real-world privacy choice platform, the web of Things Assistant, to provide meaningful privacy control in the IoT.

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