Artika: Home product manufacturer that designs plumbing, lighting, and climate control products.

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Building efficient structures that promote a healthy, sustainable indoor environment require solutions that can accommodate thoughtful design while meeting the construction schedule and budget needs of a project.
Understand how polymer systems could be part of a lean construction strategy that bring quality, longevity, and performance to commercial projects that demand superior indoor environments while also meeting the scheduling and budgeting needs of the owner.

  • Home technology has evolved, however, and designers have more options than ever.
  • Our electric water heaters have a lifetime warranty and are easy to install, due to their light weight and
  • Using such wood on the vaulted ceilings plays a part in a lofty experience that concurrently feels warm and protective.

The right Glycol concentration can significantly enhance your operating efficiency and system safety.
He holds 20 years of experience in the industry, with an focus on piping application and design.
He carries the Certified in Plumbing Design accreditation from ASPE and has a bachelor’s degree running a business Management.
Aran has conducted numerous VRF seminars on design, installation, and troubleshooting throughout THE UNITED STATES, along with providing design support for hundreds of VRF projects.
Mario Cruz is really a technologist and entrepreneur with 20 years of expertise in both B2B & B2C environments, Cloud DevOps and IOT technology solutions for various industries.
Mario currently may be the Chief Technology Officer of Watsco Ventures, the innovation business unit of Watsco, the biggest HVAC distributor in THE UNITED STATES.
Watsco Ventures’ mission would be to build, ensure that you deploy innovative technology and business models to accelerate HVAC

Rittal-determining The Most Efficient Climate Solution For Industrial Enclosures

Dean holds an MBA from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business and a B.S.
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In her role she communicates across the HVACR industry segments to cultivate and share content, promote education, and facilitate experiences for several industry stakeholders.
She is passionate in her efforts to supply opportunities for shared communication amongst all professional roles in the market.
This discussion will concentrate on the unique opportunity provided by the ASHRAE Winter Conference and the AHR Expo exhibitor floor.
The Ulu Jelai hydropower plant is estimated to generate average 374 GWh of electricity yearly.

  • Similar to electrical, plumbing or HVAC experts, a Control4 Smart Home Professional is trained and experienced with regards to designing electronic ecosystems.
  • Fire safety is a concern, but when the interior of the SIP is covered with a fire-rated material, such as for example gypsum board, it protects the facing and foam long enough to provide building occupants a chance to escape.
  • ISE is really a Cleveland-based company offering instrumentation, variable transformers, electric heating elements, sensors , and engineered process control solutions.
  • She is passionate about training customers on product functionality and selection, design improvements, and energy efficiency, while also providing guidance helping industry professionals solve problems.

The maximum thermal performance or R-value of insulation is very influenced by proper installation.
Homeowners can install some forms of insulation — notably blankets, boards, and materials that may be poured set up.
This presentation is beneficial for mechanical HVAC engineers and sheet metal contractors to get a basic understanding of code compliant system design and construction.

Ms. Reiser can be an experienced policy maker, senior executive, program manager with over 35 years of experience in energy management, engineering, construction and telecommunications lately running the governmental Alaska Energy Authority.
She is experienced in every phases of enterprise development and operations in addition to in executive and technical management.
Where possible, the team relied on third-party certifications to document sustainability and fair labor practices.
The primary construction material was Forest Stewardship Certified wood and salvaged wood.
A lot of the salvaged wood was generated on-site by Desert Rain’s own crew during deconstruction of the existing homes.


9.3 billion in 2021.
In addition, the team tried to reduce the carbon footprint of the project through the careful collection of long-lasting materials with lower embodied energy.
Desert Rain does add a significant quantity of concrete, that includes a high embodied energy.
To minimize this, they used concrete that contains 40 percent fly ash, that is the particulate matter captured by pollution control equipment from the smokestacks of coal-burning plants.
Using fly ash in this manner diverts the material from the landfill and reduces the number of Portland cement in the mix—and thereby reducing the amount of energy necessary to produce the same level of concrete.
An immersion heater is a fast, economical, and efficient way for heating liquids in tanks, vats, or equipment.
Referred to as bayonet heaters, they will have heating elements that could be directly inserted right into a container of water, oil, or other material to be able to heat the entire contents…

Learn how next generation control systems and designs simplify installation and maintenance, while enhancing reliability and longevity.
Sophisticated, sensitive components such as VFDs, PLCs, etc., are the backbone of several industrial applications.
Industrial enclosures provide protection from harsh environments for electrical/electronic equipment.
In these roles, Chuck has worked with many Trane and non-Trane controls products in a diverse range of vertical markets.


Do you need to cure paint, paper, plastics, textiles, tubing, wire, cable, etc.?
Our Heat Division can design the medium-wavelength infrared heaters, rapid-heat medium-wavelength quartz infrared heaters, or robust long-wavelength ceramic infrared heaters and systems specific to your needs.
If you’re prepared to raise your designs with a custom smart-living experience—no matter the size or budget, new construction or old—ask your local smart home professional to greatly help integrate a smart home OS to your project.

He has been working with electro-chemical and industrial measurement technologies for over 16 years, ensuring product quality, measurement accuracy and environmental safety.
His experience includes application support with Thermo Electron, environmental consulting, emergency planning and response with the united states Environmental Protection Agency , and a degree in Environmental Engineering from the Univ. of Miami.
Regional Sales Engineer and discover how LG VRF systems can handle integrating nearly every DX air handling unit.

Unlike an immersion heater, a cartridge heater is inserted right into a hole in the item to be heated to furnish internal radiant heat…
Leading manufacturer since 1954, Fannon Products offers over 1,000 different quartz infrared lamps for industrial & commercial uses, most commonly automotive, plastics, printing, food, farm, electronics, textiles & glass-ceramics.
Virtually any length, wattage, voltage & end terminations for medium & short-wave quartz IR lamps.

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