Baobab Collection: A company that sells home decor and furniture made from sustainable materials

Its natural, chemical-free products are made to define, hydrate, and hold curls, and banish frizz forever.
Shop by curl patterns for cleansers, conditioners, curl definers, along with other items you won’t understand how you ever lived without.
Bring just a little high fashion into your daily life with this women’s clothing brand inspired by founder Fe Noel’s Caribbean heritage.
Featuring bold colors, vibrant prints, and flattering silhouettes, it had been made with the well-traveled, cultured, and glamorous shopper at heart, and its gorgeous pieces will help you upgrade your wardrobe in an instant.

Thus, Rucker Roots was created, with products like Rock Your Roots Scalp & Hair Oil and Nourish + Restore Papaya & Mango Deep Conditioning Mask designed to keep “the roots” of your hair healthy.
CurlQueen founder Nai’Vasha Intl knows a thing or two about natural hair and curls.
It’s one of those genius hair products you won’t understand how you ever lived without.
Excellence through simplicity reaches the center of the London Grant Co., a body-care brand founded by Tiffany Staten.
The products—which include rich creams, polishes, and scrubs—are handcrafted in Atlanta and are non-toxic, 100 percent natural or organic, cruelty-free, plant-based, and eco-conscious.

  • start, try the Bright & Balanced Aloe Vera Leaf Spot Cream, winner of a 2020 Beauty Innovator Award.
  • Absolute joy comes once you find a skin care brand that’s a great match for the skin.
  • As stated above, Scandia Ltd. is a data administrator and is in charge of its obligations to ensure the lawful processing of your personal data and the privacy of your privacy.
  • They use precious metal studdings with dazzling semi-precious and precious gemstones such as for example emerald, ruby, blue sapphire, diamond, multi tourmaline, quartz, citrine, amethyst, aquamarine tourmaline and garnet, all embedded in silver and gold.

Head on to their website to have a hair quiz and study from their tutorials.
Then try the well-reviewed Light Hold Creme Gel, that was designed with your hair texture in mind.
This NY City-based company puts a great, modern spin on the “paint and sip” concept.
Each session is two hours, so when you paint, classic hip-hop songs float through the colorful and vibrant atmosphere.
Those are the four words that summarize the vision of this San Francisco–based, Black-owned company, that was founded in 2016.
You’ll find a full range of womenswear on the site, from comfy sweatshirts to effortlessly stylish dresses—and you’ll find yourself wondering where this type of cozy fabulousness has been all your life.
Shop at Le Petit Organic and you’ll have probably the most stylish kids on the block.

Inspired Prose Printables

Since 1932, Fontana Arte is a name in the lighting industry through a mix of technology and design excellence.
Dooq is pursuing elegance with audacity and devotion, crossing the boundaries between art and design.
AYTM approaches the concept of Nordic design in a complicated and elegant manner with concentrate on high quality and exquisite details.
Founded this year 2010, andTradition marries tradition with innovation by reworking design icons from past masters to generate tomorrow’s classics.

Dream Cosmetics’ wide selection of high-performance toiletries and personal maintenance systems include antibacterial gel, hand and bath soap, shower gel and baby wipes.
The company always works closely with its supplier to always provide solutions that bring distinctive benefits, designed to enhance consumer wellbeing.
These products are guaranteed to give your visitors a sensation of cleanliness.
Instead of churning out products all year round, Nomasei launches only two curated, seasonless collections.
Their boots, loafers, sandals and ballerinas are made to be timeless, however the sophisticated styles with elegant details are far from basic, proof Tenaillon’s experience designing for some of the world’s top luxury houses.

The brand is now sold online and in a lot more than 80 stores in america and offers stylish clothing and accessories for moms and kids.
These items would make fantastic baby gifts for the new mom that you experienced.

Contents Haircare

Absolute joy comes when you find a skincare brand that’s an excellent match for the skin.
This clean beauty line, created by physician-researcher Dr. Anne Beal, addresses the needs of individuals of color who have sensitive skin, dark marks, and hyperpigmentation without using skin bleach, sulfates, parabens, or other harsh chemicals.
Check out the mineral-based Daily Hydrating Moisturizing Cream with SPF 40 for a fresh everyday multitasker.
From peels to injectables to laser treatments, the spa’s services are sought-after in your community and have many celebrity fans.
A woman-owned and -operated skincare company made with melanin-rich skin in mind, Yelle offers products for men, women, and adolescents.

The business founded in 1987 may be the evolution of an artisan company created in 1961.
Similar to the baobabs overlooking the African savannah, Baobab Collection’s candles and diffusers are recognized for their size and original designs.
Launched in 2002, the Belgian brand signs off collections inspired by faraway places and wild nature.
All scented candles and diffusers are carefully manufactured from material sourced across Europe and so are manufactured by the best European artisans.
Taliah Waajid is a trailblazer in the natural hair care industry for more than 2 decades, and her brand includes a long-standing background in the natural hair community for helping women of color grow out their naturally textured hair.

  • Bring just a little high fashion into your lifestyle with this women’s clothing brand inspired by founder Fe Noel’s Caribbean heritage.
  • Using solar energy products allows customers to lessen their energy expenses and to reduce the use of traditional polluting fuel sources such as kerosene.
  • “Asrat & Helawi Engineering Partnership” manufactures and sells clean cookstoves for private and institutional customers.
  • Nubian Skin changes that, supplying a plethora of shapewear, slips, hosiery, bodysuits, and other undergarments for all those with melanated complexions; in addition, it offers menswear, with items like cotton tees and boxer briefs.

Please note that we may use and disclose the above other data for any purpose except where we are not entitled to do so under applicable law.
WOUF offers lifestyle items that are true statements of identity, consciousness, and intention.
Zeus has always been searching for design simplicity and rigor, subtracting the unnecessary, to give value to the specificity of surfaces also to living materials, creating special and unique pieces.
Zanat was formally launched as a design

The delivery team will not be able to move any existing furniture or make any modifications to your home.
He Baobab basket is ideal for dried flowers, kitchen utensils, or adding interest to any room in your house.
To pair up with the sunglasses and fully accessorise, grab one of the stylish and environmentally responsiblecaps or snapbacks we have collected, made with more sustainable fabrics.
It’s the largest Black-owned multicultural doll company—and the home of the new Dolls, the Fresh Squad,

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