Bevy: Community event platform that helps organizations analyze virtual conferences, enabling them to manage and scale to their customer base more effectively.

The London-based scale-up helps businesses turn referrals right into a strategic channel for acquiring high-quality customers, while gathering valuable first-party data that amplifies wider marketing activity.
Eve virtual brings education, innovation, and customization to any on-ground event, exhibition, trade show, or conference in a 3D, 360-degree virtual world.
Features include live studio integration , backstage management, and the power for attendees to video speak to exhibitors.
Teooh enables you to create and attend virtual gatherings as a personalized virtual reality avatar, to interact with and grow your community.
It enables you to create a rich visual environment for virtual business events ; personal gatherings ; and remote team meetings in a virtual conference room.
HeySummit simplifies the procedure of producing an online summit, rendering it possible for your attendees to join up and discover your content.

while creating a community of connected customers that embrace your products and produce opportunities.
With WorkOutLoud your customers stay up-to-date, have a place to learn, connect, and become inspired.
Working with community managers, leaders, and builders, to cultivate and develop their in-person communities.
She loves engaging with people, both customers and community members, and strengthening the relationship between consumer and product.
Amber has over 15 years of experience in communications, outreach, event management, and fundraising in both United States and France.

  • It’s the responsibility of a brandname or company’s leaders to help keep everyone centered on these shared visions by mediating disputes as they arise and helping resolve conflicts with techniques that benefit the entire space.
  • With the inclusion of Spark 1.5.2 on HDP, customers can get new Spark capabilities and maximize its value for the enterprise.
  • NetApp, a global, cloud-led, data-centric software company, is collaborating with Cisco to release with FlexPod XCS, the evolution of FlexPod providing one automated platform for modern applications, data and hybrid cloud services.
  • It’s the new way to efficiently implement machine learning solutions without spending months on data cleaning pipeline.
  • Everytale is really a digital event marketplace for presenting webinars, running internal meetings, or streaming events to a gloabl audience.

TigerGraph, a provider of a scalable graph database for the enterprise, along with receiving $32 million in Series B funding, is releasing TigerGraph Cloud.
The investment, led by SIG,

Knoa Software Unveils Updated Sap Uem Solution

In line with the company, it was prompted by the growing use of different database types within IT departments and the increase in Open Source adoption.
The move will certainly reduce the down sides faced when managing the development and deployment of changes across multiple database platforms concurrently.
Swoogo was originally created because the easiest full-scale registration and marketing system on the planet.
It permits you to connect with and use existing meeting and webinar platforms, and tie them together in an easy-to-use, feature-rich environment for your registrants.
It is possible to create completely customized, personalized day-of event pages to steer your attendees through the sessions, meet one-on-one, visit virtual sponsor booths and meet sponsor representatives.
Artificial Intelligence permits you to match

“We’re providing visibility without boundaries,” said Mark Alba, senior director of product marketing for HP Security.
Zaloni, the data lake company, unveiled new platform updates at Strata + Hadoop World 2016 including new enhancements to Bedrock Data Lake Management Platform and its own Mica self-service data preparation solution.
Bedrock helps businesses govern and manage data over the enterprise, and Bedrock 4.2 adds new capabilities around data privacy, security, and data lifecycle management.
Splice Machine is releasing an updated version of its signature platform for intelligent applications, strengthening its ability to run enterprise-scale transactional and analytical workloads.

Curate and cultivate your community by connecting people to opportunities.
Eliminate the engagement cliff by creating value before, during and after the event.
Our platform, tech and solutions make the overall event

Together, they represent the various ends of the spectrum for how Fivetran uses Census.
Correctly utilizing and managing customer data can be an important part of managing customer relationships for just about any business.
“From a small business impact standpoint, one thing that’s extraordinarily important for our sales motion is that we can sell on prospect data and that’s a huge competitive differentiator.”
“Since so many people at Atrium understand how to do Salesforce reporting, I knew you can do all kinds of fun stuff with Census. People could literally begin to build castles in the sky. And that’s what we did.”

Bit About Notion & Their Head Of Growth, Jamie Quint

Thales is broadening the reach of its multi-cloud Bring YOUR PERSONAL Encryption solutions to encompass probably the most cost-effective cloud storage tiers.
“What we’ve finished with our product and technology is actually now go and make certain we’re supporting these different cloud storage capabilities over the public cloud,” said Peter Galvin, chief strategy and marketing office at Thales eSecurity.
CloudJumper, a Workspace as a Service platform provider for agile business IT, is releasing a business-class Streaming App Services platform, offering a flexible application and data delivery for cloud-forward independent software vendors and application service providers .
SAP is updating its cloud platform, boosting the answer with the ability to extend and customize applications with multicloud and mobilization choices.

  • Organize seamless virtual and hybrid events with Sarcon; make it truly Interactive and immersive with 360 environments.
  • customers love our innovative, intuitive engagement technology including chatGo and discoverGo (our searchable on-demand hub), and interactive polls and games as standard.
  • I’ve seen press releases posted in a few communities, it’s an awful waste of the community’s attention.
  • Currently Head of Community Growth at Reddit, Colleen has spent the past 13 years in Community and Marketing leadership at Yelp, Miro, and MOTHER Project.

By introducing these new options, customers will have the ability to find the deployment model which best suits their business environment and ensures a secure and rapid deployment option for SAP Fiori apps.
Datacore, a provider of software-defined storage and hyperconverged virtual storage area network solutions, is now certified by SAP to supply storage virtualization for SAP-certified enterprise storage solutions that can be used by the SAP HANA platform.
FairCom, provider of “multimodel No+SQL” integrated database management tools, has updated its c-treeACE platform, offering up to 300% higher throughput, while keeping data consistent and durable.

Host a Hopin event together with your chosen audience and let them interact and share their knowledge.
A secure scalable and powerful event management platform that puts you in the drivers seat helping to manage Hybrid , Virtual or In Person events easily.
Whether you require a full turnkey event solution or desire to self mange your event EventsAIR has the solution.
A comprehensive system which includes video content management for virtual, registration and sign in for in person and a variety of tools for an excellent Hybrid experience.
ViewStub can be your turn-key software platform for just about any type or size of event.
We were built for hosting online events having an all-encompassing solution for event ticketing, video streaming and marketing.

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