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A product has an independent third-party certification on pack or unqualified on-pack marketing claim associated with being cruelty-free and/or not tested on animals.

  • Ideal for all body types, this lube is manufactured with cocoa butter and coconut oil while also being free of parabens and glycerin.
  • Its plant-based products are sexologist-approved and, dare we say, perfect for spicing up an uninspired sex life with an array of products that may make your partner swoon.
  • Sir Richards Condom Company is really a condom company that creates all natural vegan condoms and removes harsh chemicals.
  • Plasticizers within synthetic fragrances, plastic toys, and more.

To date, we’ve had several angel investors including Pipeline Angels and we’re currently in fundraising mode to perform our pre-seed round.
We’re searching for progressive investors, female preferred, who believe sexual wellness and clean products are an important public health issue to tackle together.

Bloomi Hat Black

However when the line was set to debut at Target in April 2022, Alvarez fell short on fundraising.
She realized she needed to pivot to stay on track and launch smoothly.
She spoke to us about this setback and how her community helps keep her vision alive. [newline]Rebecca Alvarez Story is co-founder and CEO of Bloomi, a sexologist-led intimacy company that targets sexual wellness, pleasure, menstruation, sex education and much more.
Sexologist-led intimacy destination offering inclusive content + clean intimate care™ products for all bodies.
Because of this, Alvarez Story always holds space for just about any body questions her children may have and encourages her husband and parents to do the same.
In grad school, she learned to always meet people where they’re at, especially when it comes to children learning about sex and their own body.

These natural aphrodisiacs contain nutrients that stimulate the circulation of blood, balance hormones and soothe your skin, which are necessary for the body to see arousal or sexual joy.
First Latina founder to launch a sexual wellness brand at Target.
I feel like devoid of what we had a need to go into this exciting opportunity like this made me have thicker skin.
I knew that if I was going to invest so much of myself into this to fix it, I wanted to make sure I still spent quality time with my girls.

  • A short lifespan might also indicate health problems that were once prevalent in your loved ones.
  • And we were the initial Latina-led brand to
  • Dyed products ought to be avoided on mucous membranes or vagina due to possible irritation along with other concerns.
  • That was very frustrating because I knew that meant we were going to have a very small team.

These toxic ingredients can irritate intimate skin, cause allergic reactions, lead to vaginal infections or interfere with the body’s hormonal levels and reproductive processes.
When she later attended the University of California at Berkeley, she was shocked to get over 50 classes being offered about sex in a variety of different subjects including history, biology, and chemistry.


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Quite simply, the Bloomi Arousal Serum is a topical vulvar product formulated to send blood circulation to your bits.
Increased blood flow ushers across the sexual response cycle, that may lead to vaginal lubrication, increased sensitivity, and much more powerful orgasms.
Meaning, this product has the power of offering those perks, too.
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Growing up using feminine sprays and washes in the marketplace that her cousins informed her about, she realized there weren’t many clean or safe options for intimate body care and health.
The majority of the intimate care products are available to buy, motivated me to create a solution for this.
I’m excited to continue to generate an inviting place for several women and femmes to look for and find out about intimate health and overall help people live better sex lives.
For Alvarez Story, family means a lot to her not just as a first-generation Latina but as a wife and mother as well.
To improve the patterns she learned in her family, she’s made a decision to be open and honest with her children about sex education, intimate health, and body care.
She believes that by teaching age-appropriate sex education to children as they grow up, they can grow to lead more confident and healthy lives as adults.

As a kid, she’d take books from the library in her home and pitch them to her cousins to check out for the mere price of 25 cents apiece .
Arousal-enhancers are not not used to the pleasure market, though.
Even Bloomi itself has a similar product called Bloomi Arousal Oil ($45).
Other popular options include Foria Awaken Arousal Oil ($48) and Her Highness CBD Pleasure Oil ($60).
Well, because the names of the competitor products suggest, they are all oil-based.
Its plant-based products are sexologist-approved and, dare we say, perfect for spicing up an uninspired sex life having an array of products which will make your lover swoon.

The Mosaic Score is an algorithm that measures the overall financial health and market potential of private companies. [newline]Join the on RELASH community for personalized relationship advice once you need it.
These ingredients can breakdown condoms and increases risk of pH imbalance and STIs.
Contaminants in conventional pads and tampons which are linked to cancer, endocrine disruption and reproductive toxicity.
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