Bobobox: Capsule hotel startup from Indonesia. Customers can stay in affordable sleeping pods linked to an app.

LeadIQ, a SaaS platform that aims to simplify lead management and sales prospecting operations, has raised around US$10 million in Series A funding circular, led by 8 Roads Ventures.
The business claims that it provides delivered up to 99 % accuracy in data classification, coupled with an 80 per cent decrease in information security operational fees, for clients in areas such as for example financial services, healthcare, and Defence.
CXA as well offered its brokerage providers and health ecosystem platform to create these technical capabilities partnering with ThoughtWorks in January 2019 and founded a technologies hub in Vietnam for software engineering in July 2019.

Although TTH isn’t a capital-intensive enterprise, it raised Rs 3.5 crore from angel traders recently, and is seeking to increase Rs 20 crore within the next half a year for expansion.
Founded by Jennifer Zhang in September 2018, Singapore-based DancingMind has pioneered a

In 2018, Jendela360 made information when it collaborated with Blibli to launch an apartment rental channel.
This enables users to find apartments on the program, contact property brokers for appointments, and carry out transactions employing Blibli InStore app.
“We need to consider the user experience, not only to strengthen our on the net presence but additionally to answer the necessity for the offline, actual physical and human relation facet of the whole process,” added in Guzali.
Jendela360, which seeks to connect clients, landlords and residence agents under one system in Indonesia, has guaranteed US$1 million in a funding circular led by Beenext.

International Compliance Workshop

of industries and contains established its occurrence in Singapore, Thailand, France, Switzerland and the US.
Citing the results of IT security company Check Stage, Channel Asiarecently reportedthat advanced persistent threat experts are persistently targeting locations such as Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and Brunei.
According to ConfirmU, the business’s differentiators from competitors is its quickness, free-of-bias content, and its carefulness to not be intrusive.

It automates both top- and back-end processes, such as for example reservations, checking throughout and revenue management.
Despite the pandemic, the startup says it has increasing demand because of its products, now managing 7,500 rooms in 16 places across Korea, Japan and Thailand.
Ease’s app enables efficient and discreet shipping and delivery of women’s health services, and the business says its customer base grew from 1,000 to 4,000 users last year.
Ease says it could deliver contraceptive, STD test products and crisis contraceptives within four hrs.
It also offers online wellbeing consultations, resources and community forums as an alternative to traditional healthcare delivery and to take away the stigma surrounding women’s health.

Yourstory Is Proud To Be Media Partner For Aegis People Analytics Conference 2019

industry including project control and regular top quality checks.
The startup says it has over 700 individual and professional developer clients, and contains raised $4 million in funding.
After 15 yrs of making use of crutches in his native China, Sun Xiaojun obtained a prosthetic leg in Japan, where he relocated and attained a Ph.D. in engineering from the University of Tokyo.
Sun founded BionicM to build up more organic and safer prosthetics, including battery-run knees and ankles.

  • Carson will guide a team of strategists, analysts, and creators and you will be responsible to drive the progress of the digitally-focused consulting business.
  • According to aStaffing Industryreport, Freecacy operates ‘freeC’, a program that supports AI exploration in Southeast Asia.
  • Our specialisation lies in developing products that cater to
  • He received support for the theory from TUM President Wolfgang Herrmann and business owner Susanne Klatten.

The company has been authorized by Singapore to use BondbloX Bond Swap, calling it the globe’s first of all fractional bond exchange that allows trading in lowest denominations of $1,000.
In June, the company introduced a $6 million series A circular from investors incorporating MassMutual Ventures and Citigroup.
Rex Group is involved in manufacturing of canned meals, beverage and confectionary items.
Sdn Bhd a wholly owned subsidiary of Rex was initially founded in 1965 and contains since grown right into a leading manufacturer and exporter of halal canned items, frozen food and beverages company in Malaysia.

Shelfie is rolling out a breakthrough choice that helps retailers to grow revenue and improve staff productivity by using AI and serious learning systems to automate the manually intensive and error-prone procedure for minimising share gaps on shelves.
Ilham would advise Helicap’s BOD on the Indonesian market together with give insights on strategic and operational things, including help with expansion initiative and enterprise development.
The deal is at the mercy of approval from the authorities, and both partners will provide strategic support on essential functions.
With e-commerce GMV in Indonesia expected to reach around US$97 billion by 2025, individuals are now looking for faster and convenient delivery options, preferably a one-day delivery.

So that they can reinforce this statistic, Aegis University of Data Research is organising Aegis Men and women Analytics Conference on April 26, 2019 at Four Factors by Sheraton, Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

Our main things to do are to build up, construct and handle the properties such as office buildings, laboratories, apartments, houses etc.
To perform daily tool-container briefing on work assignments and schedule, allocation of gear and transportation to ensure efficiency of providers and staff safety.
Offering an all-in-one application that consolidates corporate cards, bill obligations, approvals and accounting reconciliation into one streamlined interface.
Thousands of buyers that use Spenmo across the region save over 50 hours and $10,000 every month.
At Spenmo we are creating a magical payables encounter for businesses over the Asia-Pacific region.
KAESER KOMPRESSOREN SE, a universe’s leading commercial air compressor maker from Germany, which handles the product sales of units / elements and service of weather compressors and related devices through 5 branches for several over Indonesia.

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