Body gua sha: A traditional Chinese massage technique that involves using a smooth, flat tool to scrape the skin in order to stimulate circulation and promote healing. It is believed to have a variety of health benefits.

The double beveled edges are smooth and slightly rounded, and that means you never have to be worried about scratching or hurting your skin when doing trigger points.
Plus, the included instructions book will assist you to get the most out of your massage.

In treating Acne, LED has powerful anti-bacterial properties that reaches deep within the dermis to destroy the p-acne bacteria which causes breakouts.
In addition to purifying skin, it can help to normalize oil production , shrink blemishes + help heal post inflammatory scarring.

Prenatal Massage

Gua sha can be used to treat a range of illnesses and disorders, but research has only been carried out on a small number of specific medical ailments.
More evidence is needed to confirm whether gua sha is an efficient treatment.
Treatment is not said to be painful, but gua sha deliberately causes bruising, which may cause discomfort for a lot of.

My cheeks, undereye area, and jawline appear lifted, while my jawline appears less tired.
My neck, jaw, and shoulder feel tight or locked up frequently after a long trip to work, which I keep a secret.
Gua sha is really a traditional Chinese medicine treatment for facial slimming and defining facial features.
In Asia, gica shir has been used for centuries to take care of illnesses.
As people find out more on its benefits, the practice is becoming popular in the West.
Unless otherwise specified, the only way to lose excess weight is through diet and exercise, together with cosmetic procedures such as lipo, fat freezing, and fat dissolving injections.

For optimal results, utilize the products as something — they were made to play together.
Studies also have showed clinical great things about IASTM showing improvements in range of motion, strength and pain perception following treatment.
Melham et al discovered that IASTM significantly improved range of motion in a college football player following 7 weeks of IASTM and physical therapy.
Melham et al. discovered that scar tissue formation surrounding the lateral malleolus was reduced and remodelled structurally following IASTM application.

It is a type of massage that is intended to help lymph nodes clear fluid accumulation.
This procedure is generally used to improve the appearance of a person’s face by reducing body fat using areas.
Gua sha, alternatively, has no ability to remove fat from the body.
It has nothing to do with cellulite treatment or the procedure itself; rather, it is a way to refresh your skin while also reducing the looks of cellulite.
Durable STAINLESS Gua Sha Tool – Our Gua Sha massage tool is made from medical grade 304 stainless steel, durable and can not be as easily broken as a jade scraping.
The product adopts mirror polishing process, ergonomic design, Beneficial mineral is good for Skin Beauty and Body Health.

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  • There are numerous advantages to Gua Sha, along with improved circulation, lymphatic drainage, and inflammation reduction.
  • The pressure of the uterus spreads tension to the muscles of the upper & lower leg; causing them to swell & put pressure on nearby nerves.
  • This should be achieved with light pressure and prevent any areas which are broken, sunburned, or otherwise irritated.
  • “Gua sha literally means ‘to scrape sand’ in Mandarin,” Lin Chen, the founder of Pink Moon, tells InStyle.

Similarly to a jade roller, this method can be used to massage the facial muscles.
Although a roller requires less pressure and could not give all the same benefits of a gua sha.

Star At Your Neck And Work The Right Path Up

The technique can be used release a localized congestion, reduce swelling, ease pain and break up or disperse phlegm.
Oils help lubricate your skin and make the scraping action easier.
For those who have dry skin, use an oil such as grapeseed, almond, or olive oil.
For those who have oily skin, use an oil such as for example sesame, sunflower, or jojoba oil.
The process is free of any unwanted effects when applied by our trained practitioner using safe techniques and sterile instruments.

  • When working with gua sha for the face, follow the steps we’ve mentioned above.
  • A significant advantage is that it helps with pain mostly due to muscle tension.
  • Start with your forehead as you move towards all the other parts of your face.

Although this system has gotten lots of attention on social media recently, it has been practiced for centuries.

This ancient technique is non-invasive and can be done in the home or with a partner.
A typical session involves lying on one’s stomach while the practitioner scrapes along the muscles on the back using a variety of techniques.
The whole process is usually very relaxing however, many people may experience some soreness or tenderness after which they feel an upsurge in energy and improvement in their symptoms.
After this technique, your skin will be pink or red in some areas, that is perfectly normal.

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