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Boeing is the best stock in Dow 30 (22-09-2017)

At the closing of markets on Friday, September 22, 2017, Boeing is the strongest stock in the Dow 30 (see Dow 30 ranking) and the third stock in the S&P 500 index (see S&P 500 ranking).

The Boeing Company is one of the main components of the aeronautical history of the 20th century. It started as a small airplane factory of William Boeing, and 100 years later it has become a multinational corporation dedicated to all the process of design and manufacture of aviation products all over the world.

Boeing is the best stock in Dow 30
Boeing is the best stock in Dow 30

They first started with the name of “Pacific Aero Products Co” in Seattle in 1916, and they later changed it to “Boeing Airplane Company” in 1917.

The company was involved in the manufacture of military jets and bombers that were used during the World War II; and after the war they started to invest in technology which led them to develop turbine engines, and in the 60’s they built their first rocket, considered as the first contractor for the space program.

Boeing continued evolving, and due to the economic improving of the 80’s they produced new aircraft and military equipment.

Currently they manufacture a wide range of products, not only commercial airplanes, dedicated to several fields, like defense, space, security, and many others.

Their products are sold worldwide and the Boeing Company is considered one of the most admired companies and with a high income of sales for millions of dollars.