Business analytics: Examination of data related to past performance in order to inform future business practices.

There was also recipe-related data that focused on a customer’s preference for recipes in past times.
Finally, they viewed seasonal trends to see if there were purchasing patterns of higher or lower order rates for a specific season.
You might use business analytics to speed up the ordering process for the customers using the drive-thru.
By using BA to monitor the traffic that the drive-thru receives, you’ll be able to know your peak hours so when to increase efficiency.
Companies use text mining to get textual information from social media sites, blog comments, and even call center scripts.
It is the most elementary and widespread application of data in business today.

We will cover each of them more in detail later in the post, but to start out providing the needed context to comprehend what’s coming next, here is a rundown of the 5 essential steps of data analysis.
You want a solution that can give your people access to the information they want when they are on the road.
Consider a mobile analytics solution that not only offers voice-enabled access and real-time alerts, but provides advanced capabilities to help your people be even more productive.
Analytics has the potential to offer you a detailed image of your business landscape.
To make the the majority of that potential, you will want smart solution that can automatically transform data into visual presentations.
This allows one to see and understand patterns, relationships, and trends that could be missed

  • While these figures appear to illustrate progress, the other side of the coin is 14.6% of most responding businesses used these technologies across their operations.
  • avoid misinterpretations.

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