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Make sure that you have provided academic accommodations for students with disabilities.
The Disabilities & Computing Program offers tutorials on how best to create accessible course materials.
The pandemic is creating an uncertain and stressful environment for everybody.
This CCLE page compiles a range of options for tips on how to communicate assignments, updates, reminders, changes, words of encouragement, along with other information to your students.

Each time you make a change, click the knit button in RStudio to see if everything still loads.
Grading for this class is curved in the sense that we do not have a pre-defined mapping from homework and exam scores to a final GPA.
There is absolutely no pre-determined score (e.g., 90% of all possible points) that earns an A or a B or perhaps a C or any other grade.

Alternate Schools

HolonIQ’s Education Intelligence Unit and our global network of experts from early childhood to lifelong learning bring deep expertise to our ‘top-down’ approach.
The top-down analysis draws on the data-driven foundations of the bottom-up analysis to interpret patterns that the device learning and artificial intelligence process produced.
Considerations include context, history, purpose, business design, technologies and ecosystem relationships to add depth and interpretive understanding to the process.
This enables validation of findings against the models and innovations found in education today or expected later on.
The Global Learning Landscape embraces two classical methods to data, analytics and design.
‘Bottom Up’ analysis powered by our Global Intelligence Platform leveraging powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence, augmenting ‘Top Down’ analysis driven by HolonIQ’s Education Intelligence Unit and our global network of experts.
In case you have any questions about what is or is not proper academic conduct, please ask an instructor.

  • One way to tell in case you are respecting this boundary is to consider whether your collaboration could happen on the phone.
  • The goal of this study was to look at young adults’ lives during COVID-19 having an emphasis on those signed up for their senior year of college.
  • A modern forum for class Q&A, announcements, discussions, video office hours and active learning.
  • If you feel ill because of an unfortunate infection, you should inform a minumum of one TAs via campuswire with documented proof.
  • Mainstay has conducted an extraordinary total of nine randomized controlled trials.

Interactive, WiFi-enabled Smartboards have replaced old-school overhead projectors.
Teachers and parents alike can monitor students’ individualized, AI-enhanced coursework by glancing at their mobile device.
Such classroom tools are created possible by the education technology industry, known as edtech.
Tutoring platforms match tutors with student needs and offer interactive online class spaces for synchronous instruction.
Video/audio technology advancement has meant that ‘anywhere’ tutoring has unlocked tutor supply.
As well as set tutorial sessions, some providers offer ‘anytime help’ hours by drawing on a pool of qualified tutors available from different time zones.
Ready-made interactive online resources and printable worksheets

Offer it up to students, and for the first few sessions, bring several low-stakes questions, topics, or fun activities to steer the conversation as it gets started.
This course is modeled on the course of exactly the same name, taught by Professors Josh Clinton and William Doyle in the spring of 2022 at Vanderbilt University.
The lectures on data science & ethics are inspired by content prepared for the summertime Institutes for Computational Social Sciences , and by presentations on machine learning and ethics made by Andrew Princep (@AJPrincep).
The syllabus is heavily inspired by Emily Hencken Ritter’s syllabi for PSCI 3270, Politics of Human Rights.

In particular, while students are invited to work on problem sets together, collaboration is prohibited on the midterm and final exams.
With GoPeer, students can move at their very own pace with the personalized attention of these instructor.
We encourage one to post homework-related questions on Campuswire, though your questions should be about approaches, not answers.

Immersive Technology (ar/vr)

Participants will learn to maximize the application of Zoom breakout rooms and gain practical experience with online polling and a variety of digital collaboration tools.
The workshop assists attendees in identifying concrete action steps for transitioning activities and assignments they typically use face-to-face for remote environments.
Live webinars & daily debriefs, and breakout chats of the 2020 Summer Institute on Teaching and Technology addressed the challenging topic of building community and forging connections when instructors and students are not physically in the same space.
Campus (built on the building blocks of Campuswire’s higher-ed communication software) is an online space that serves up synchronous, degree-bearing learning opportunities for students.
In the portal, students can complete the first 2 yrs of college through online degree programs with live classes taught by high-quality professors who also teach at world-class universities.
Students can perform this at little to no cost, while the faculty – particularly adjunct faculty – can supplement their income by teaching students that are outside the fold of their institutions.

You may speak to other students in the class about the problems and discuss solution strategies, nevertheless, you shouldn’t share any written communication .
It is possible to tell someone how to execute a homework problem, nevertheless, you cannot show them how exactly to do it.

Zoom helps universities and schools improve student outcomes with secure video communication services for hybrid classrooms, office hours, administrative meetings, and more.
Thanks to SocrativeFor professors seeking to brighten their course through gamification of its topics, Socrative could be the right tool to explore.
Use Socrative to generate highly customizable polls and quizzes for a training course — forms of polls available within Socrative include multiple choice, true and false, and short-answer responses.

Creating Community

Ask for feedback prior to the first major graded assignment to provide students a chance to let you know where they might need extra preparation or support.
You might want to share general guidelines for interacting in a remote environment.

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