Capterra: Software review site with a focus on B2B tools.

Capterra is one of three software review site brands under the umbrella of Gartner Digital Markets, which is a B2B tech review website hub owned by the parent company Gartner. Uncover trends and actionable insights from social data to inform brand and business strategy.

These are just some ways to analyze your review data to fine-tune your customer service approach. But, it’s important to emphasize that getting negative reviews is not always the worst thing in the world. When people look at reviews, they want to see authenticity, not just a perfect 5/5. Asking customers for reviews should be part of your wider customer engagement strategy. By engaging with your customers on multiple channels, you’re more likely to reach a wider audience and collect more reviews. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, you can ask customers to leave a review in person. This personal touch can go a long way in building relationships with your customers.


Select products will get the white-glove treatment with access to affiliate networks, beta-testing, and launch campaigns– all managed by AppSumo. You can submit your product to AppSumo’s self-service marketplace or apply for AppSumo Select. Trustpilot’s free plan gives you a profile page to collect reviews. The paid plans offer plenty of campaign automations to generate a steady flow of new reviews proactively. Sites like Capterra, G2, and TrustRadius have very high review standards. These long-form reviews provide great insight into what a product does well and can improve. Longer reviews are a constructive way to improve your product and increase conversion.

  • If your profile doesn’t provide the information people need to make a decision, G2 will move to others that do.
  • SoftwareSuggest matches your business needs with the right software.
  • Once you’ve made a shortlist of sites to target based on popularity and influence , begin by checking the categories supported by each review site.
  • It puts each review through multi-step processes to ensure that only genuine product reviews are published.
  • So you are more likely to engage in productive conversations with users who have left you a review.

The approach is generally benevolent, with the aim of showing the advantages of a product, rather than focusing solely on the possible disadvantages. However, most bloggers value their editorial independence and will not write anything overly promotional or outright misleading. The platform for opinions on companies, from salary to work organisation. There are about 90 million notices, wages and information listed. The platform is based in Denmark, but has expanded to more than 65 countries, including the US.


When using G2, you can upgrade your profile, bring together G2 content, and use sponsored content. This, combined with the incoming customer reviews, encourages others to choose your service. People searching G2 for reliable solutions in your niche see your name more and more, creating benefits for everyone. Ever look at the sheer number of business software solutions online and feel as though you’re further away from a decision than you’ve ever been? There’s an abundance of tools available to help in various areas of the business but identifying them is a difficult task when every company is shouting about its ‘amazing’ service.

The product quality can directly affect this, so a quality product is likely to get better reviews than a poor quality one. This one is obvious—you must have a good product to get recognized on G2.

If your profile doesn’t provide the information people need to make a decision, G2 will move to others that do. While there are companies that pay to be listed and pay for other services, you are not required to do so to receive a listing on the site. The free accounts are not listed lower than any paid accounts, so everyone has a fair shot. As above, Capterra incentivizes reviewers, but does not require the review to be positive to earn the reward. 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase after reading trusted reviews. Companies that claim their free listings on four or more review sites, earn 36% more revenue on average, compared to those who do not.

Read the full article for a list of the best software review websites to use. All the software review websites listed here offer users a wide variety of software options, with detailed information on the product, pricing, features and, of course, user reviews. They provide detailed in formation on everything from features to integrations and pricing, as well detailed, verified, user reviews. Many also offer a comparison tool, so you can compare two or more options side by side. TrustRadius is the top rating software and gives you the services based on verified users.

This is your ticket to lead with agility and innovation in global, digital markets. With more than 3000 apps within the review section, GetApp helps small and medium-scale businesses search, compare, and review business software. Here are some of the best review platforms that can improve and ease your search for services. Managing your customer reviews means taking ownership of the story that is being told about you. Your potential customers will always check your reviews first. So having a bad rating can reduce the positive effect generated by the presence of customer reviews on your ad.

Linkub provides you with all the data you need to make your product known. Reviews from customers are crucial, especially for those purchasing software. The information given is often very detailed regarding product information, pricing, and features. Revenue OperationsCustomer-Led Revenue Operations designed to connect the dots between marketing and sales for SQLs that turn into revenue.

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