“Through edge computing and edge-to-cloud processing capabilities, Biofourmis is redefining the individual and provider journey leveraging advanced technology.”
Patients participating in the program had 70% lower readmission rates, a 32% upsurge in physical activity and 38% lower costs than patients admitted to hospital facilities, according to a study of this program published in the history of Internal Medicine.
The VBC & Population Health collection includes companies that enable and deliver care models that address the health needs for defining populations across the continuum of care, including locally setting, through participation, engagement, and targeted interventions.
“This partnership will also help keep patients out of emergency departments, where they could need to wait to be observed, causing them unnecessary frustration and money, together with help them avoid hospital readmission.”
Our personalized approach and innovative technology platform brings exceptional care to patients in where they are preferred — their very own home.
With compatibility to 70+ wearables, customized patient questionnaires, and a communication system to connect clinicians and patients, our platform can be accessed anywhere and useful to treat patients over the care continuum.

  • Wise Health System has nearly 200 beds across its four-hospital campus, with over 200 physicians and much more than 2,000 employees.
  • Series B Round and since that time has increased its revenue significantly banking on partnerships and growth with seven pharmaceutical companies and 10 health systems globally.
  • It includes applying AI-based analytics and machine learning to patient data for earlier interventions and better outcomes.
  • to comprehend a customer’s full journey for better engagement and outcomes.

Completing the acquisition of HealthSparq, the combined organization grew its annual revenue by a lot more than 150 percent.
To measure body temperature and numerous other biomarkers, patients are wearing Everion®, which includes several medical-grade sensors, including optical, temperature, electrodermal, accelerometer and barometer.
Everion® can be comfortably worn for 24 hours a day for a number of days and has much higher-than-average patient satisfaction and adherence rates.
AI-powered Biovitals® Analytics will derive a lot more than 20 physiological signals from the sensor data, including temperature, heartrate, blood pulse wave, heart rate variability, respiration rate, inter-beat-interval among others.
These signals are then fed through advanced AI and machine-learning ways to flag key physiological changes which could indicate disease progression.
Our innovative analytics engine, developed by 50+ data scientists, creates a personalized baseline for every patient.
Each patient’s unique baseline is used to monitor their condition, and providers are just notified when clinically-relevant changes occur.

Orlando Health Selects Biofourmis Make It Possible For Optimal Hospital-level Care In Patients’ Homes

Dr. Jain’s experience in public areas and commercial health insurance will undoubtedly be invaluable to Biofourmis as more payers and “payviders” crank up their implementation of virtual care programs across acute, post-acute and chronic condition management given the significant potential cost, clinical outcome and patient experience benefits.
“Organizations across the country such as Wise Health System are recognizing that care virtualization and inpatient-level care-at-home are gaining acceptance as preferred options by providers and patients because of improved outcomes,” said Kuldeep Singh Rajput, CEO and founder of Biofourmis.
“We want forward to dealing with Wise Health System because they transition to safely and effectively delivering more types of care to patients within their homes that improve experience while reducing charges for the hospital.”
Integra is partnering with Biofourmis for remote monitoring in the home for members of its complex care management program, in addition to a home hospital program that will “admit” acute patients with their homes instead of a medical facility for inpatient-level care.

Biofourmis also made major acquisitions throughout this time, including wearable biosensor leader Biovotion and Takeda Pharmaceuticals’ oncology-focused digital therapeutics company Gaido Health.
Health Recovery Solutions helps hospitals, physicians, and patients manage chronic conditions and reduce hospital readmissions by using a research based platform that constructively guides patients’ behaviors.
The recovery data is used in conjunction with EMR integration, web monitoring portal, and smartphone applications to effectively address patients’ concerns and usage of its products, and also reinforce healthy lifestyles post hospitalization.
According to the Biofourmis’ chief executive officer – Kuldeep

I understand that the info I am submitting will be used to supply me with the above-described products and/or services and communications in connection therewith.
The Edison Awards, recognizing and honoring the very best in innovation and excellence in the development of new products and services, announced that DrFirst’s SmartSuite for Pharmacy has been selected as a finalist in the industry Technology, Consumer Safety category.
Tesis Biosciences (@TesisBioscience), an organization in targeted genetic sequencing, has acquired Genome Explorations, a premier research institution providing global genomic profiling and molecular diagnostics services.
The ESP matrix leverages data and analyst insight to identify and rank leading companies in confirmed technology landscape.
Our technology platform reads 120+ patient biomarkers to build precise insights and proactive interventions.
The views, opinions and statements in the press release aren’t endorsed by Gray Media Group nor do they

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Fetter also launched adjacent businesses—Conifer Health Solutions and United Surgical Partners International—which are actually multi-billion-dollar enterprises and leaders within their respective fields.
He is also a dynamic corporate director and investor, including participation in Biofourmis’ initial Series D round.
This collection includes startups selling AI SaaS, using AI algorithms to build up their core products, and the ones developing hardware to aid AI workloads.
Expert Collections are analyst-curated lists that highlight the firms you should know in the main technology spaces.

  • The lead product among Biovotion’s wearables may be the clinical-grade Everion® device, which is a multi-sensor platform worn on the arm capable of measuring 22 parameters in real time.
  • to further enhance team communication and collaboration over the 248-bed hospital.
  • Hint Health (@HintHealth), a provider of membership management, billing, and employer direct contracting infrastructure for direct primary care and membership-based providers, is launching a nationwide network to foster meaningful relationships and better healthcare.
  • Companies in this market try to improve outcomes and reduce the expense of care for the world’s estimated 18.1M cancer patients .
  • The AI-based technology will provide a continuing quantification of pain by applying analytics to physiology biomarkers.

necessarily state or reflect those of Gray Media Group, Inc.
Oura offers a wellness ring and app made to help users get more restful sleep and perform better by analyzing your body’s sleep, activity levels, daily rhythms, and physiological responses.
Patients with COVID-19 deterioration commonly exhibit symptoms such as fever, cough and shortness of breath, all of which can be closely monitored through related physiological parameters via Biofourmis’ cutting-edge, clinical-grade biosensor Everion®, which is being worn on the arm by patients quarantined in their homes or clinical settings.
Clinicians and researchers are still learning how this strain of the coronavirus affects the body, and the research will help elucidate that.
“We hope our combined efforts will rapidly lead to a better epidemiological knowledge of COVID-19 so we can improve the outcomes of our citizens—as well because the global community—as more folks become infected.”
“Our relationship with Biofourmis has been extremely beneficial over time and in that time has grown in scope and depth, so joining forces made strategic sense for both our companies,” said Dr.

Singh Rajput, the fresh funds will be useful to accelerate Biofourmis’ global expansion, advance its digital therapeutics pipeline,develop additional care pathways and drive deeper integration using its health system, hospital, pharmaceutical and clinical research clients and partners.
Very quickly, we expect hospital-at-home to become a popular care service for patients across the region, which will also ensure adequate access for critically ill and injured patients who require facility-based care.”

Homes Transformed Into Hospitals

“We believe predictive health is the future of medicine and Biofourmis is a leader in using AI and machine learning-based solutions to advance digital therapeutics,” said Greg Moon, managing partner, SoftBank Investment Advisers.
“We are excited to partner with Biofourmis and support their mission of using AI and wearables data make it possible for personalized care.”
Thanks to the effectiveness of the Biovitals™ platform, Biofourmis is currently partnering with leading healthcare providers, payers, and pharmaceutical companies around the globe in reducing readmissions, limit ER visits, improve patient outcomes, and rethink just how care is managed and reimbursed.
Biofourmis, a fast-growing global leader in digital therapeutics that powers personalized predictive care, has announced the completion of a $100 million Series C financing round led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2, with participation by existing investors Openspace Ventures, MassMutual Ventures, Sequoia Capital, and EDBI.

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