Carer’s Allowance: UK weekly grant for those providing 35+ hours of care to someone who receives some form of disability benefit.

at the very least 16 hours weekly.
Lone parents with a child under age 13 can also limit their look for to work within college hours.
It is, therefore, not sufficient to make certain sanctions is only going to affect the adult component of Universal Credit since withdrawal or reduction of this will have a considerable effect upon household profits and, as a result, on the kid’s quality lifestyle.
It is important that whenever the DSD involves drafting regulations concerning the sanction regime under Common Credit, it ensures that any choice to impose a benefit sanction upon a claimant with dependent kids must look at the best interests of the children.
How older children are dealt with in the calculation of under-occupancy.
In addition in calculation of occupancy there is absolutely no reference to an allowance of an additional room for over night carers of disabled youngsters, and then a disabled claimant or spouse.
We must know whether there are social housing houses to which those people who are in ‘under-occupied’ homes can move.

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