With the same interface as the original dongle, it means that boot-up times were pretty much the same as other green UI dongles that I have reviewed, which is a shame. Your own boot-up time will vary based on your own system. But for me, I was getting around seconds on my Alpine CarPlay receiver. Stay away they have poor customer service. Bought for 129 then in a week the price went to 99 I reached out for a price match and they said because the order is processed they could not honor the price. I paid through PayPal and I know that is a bunch of bull. I would have returned it but there return policy is even worse.

  • Like other classes of products we often test, CARPLAY2air falls into the category of, it works or it doesn’t.
  • It will connect and display the CarPlay interface for about 30 seconds then disconnect for about 15 seconds after which it reconnects for another 30 seconds.
  • A working CARPLAY2air device could easily be broken by an update to your car’s software.
  • This means if you have a modern vehicle with a USB-C CarPlay input port, you will have to use an additional converter with this dongle, which they don’t offer to supply.
  • Once I am about 200 yards from home, again it connects without any user input.
  • It was actually picked up by DHL on 08-oct in China and it took 3 more days here in Estonia, because DHL does not deliver here on weekends.

The car has the latest firmware installed. I upgraded to the latest firmware (v2.0, I think), which completely changed the experience. It still took a bit of back and forth with their tech team – but this unit does actually work. It seemed to have connectivity issues at the time.

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The item arrived pretty quick, which I was pleasantly surprised by. When testing the unit, it was defective and didn’t work. I believe it has a faulty Bluetooth module. I asked to return the item and was advised I would need to pay the shipping fee to china.. I would then also be liable for a £25 restocking fee.. Well that was pretty much the entire value of the unit.. I believe this guy is actually running a scam.

Straight lies according to the tracking data. This went on for about a month… then, I finally said no more and asked for them to exchange the unit as I figured mine was faulty. I was told to package the unit up and send it to China for evaluation. I have ordered on 05-oct-2020, received week later on 12-oct.

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I was also asked to re-connect the Bluetooth connection several times. Nothing seemed to work, in fact, it only got worse as it started rebooting my head unit now. I could only imagine that this has to do with my particular phone model as it’s new.

I say that because the new car manufacturers have the ability, and use it, to update their car software at any time. A working CARPLAY2air device could easily be broken by an update to your car’s software. We are sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with the CARPLAY2air product and disappointed that you did not receive satisfactory customer support. As you will see in the comments below, many of our readers have had problems when ordering this product or getting customer services and/or a refund when the unit does not work. It has been suggested by some, that we take down our review so that other people do not order this product.

  • The price is also reasonable, less than $85.
  • They were very shady in trying to return it, asking me to pay for everything and lie about the contents of the package so it didn’t get stuck in customs.
  • Check out CARPLAY2air to experience Apple CarPlay in a whole new way.
  • If you do update the firmware and it has issues, you are able to roll it back to the previous firmware.

Both of these issues seem like things that could be quashed in debugging, as otherwise the adapter works fantastic. I found it to connect quickly and be fairly fast when operating it wirelessly with very little lag. As soon as they fix these issues, I’ll buy it again. Until then, I would avoid it if I were you. 1) It will fail to consistently connect automatically when returning to the car.

I had to send 10 mails for a month to exchange. So far I am happy with the product, it works like charm right from the start on my VW Passat 2017. CARPLAY2air supports a wide range of car makes and models and you can find a complete list on their web site here. They also support after-market head units from Pioneer, Alpine and Kenwood. As is probably obvious, using CARPLAY2air means your iPhone is not charging while in use.

I bought this late last year, and it did not work at all. I was in touch with their team’s tech support folks on an almost daily basis as they sent suggestions and firmware upgrades. It never even got close to connecting, so I was ready to return it.

I’ve used this product for 2 years – it worked well. My problems started when I bought a new iPhone. I got my new phone connected but it kept searching for my old phone. I couldn’t find a way to delete my old phone from its memory. And during this reconnect process it switched from English to German which is annoying.

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