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Caterpillar is the best stock in Dow 30 (27-10-2017)

At the closing of markets on Friday, October 22, 2017, Caterpillar is the strongest stock in the Dow 30 (see Dow 30 ranking) and the 12th stock in the S&P 500 index (see S&P 500 ranking).

The Caterpillar Company is currently one of the global leaders in the manufacturing industry of heavy equipment destined to the construction and mining sector.

Caterpillar is the best stock in Dow 30
Caterpillar is the best stock in Dow 30

They started at the end of the 1890 and beginning of the 1990, since Benjamin Holt was trying to find new formulas to improve the traction of the steam tractors that were so popular in that time.

The problem was that those tractors were extremely heavy and they tended to sink into the earth, so Holt decided to make a modification in the wheels, and when he tested successfully the equipment they realized its movement resembled a caterpillar, and that’s why he decided to name it that way, creating the Holt Caterpillar Company.

Nowadays, this company is better known as CAT and they have a network that allows them to have operations all around the world.

The CAT Company has won many awards for its dedication, and they have plants located in overseas, in Europe, Asia and South America, where they provide not only machines but engines, electronic products, agriculture products and they also offer an insurance to their customers.

This company is continuously expanding and growing, being present in the most competitive markets around the globe like Brazil and China.