Ceramic coating: Product applied to motor vehicles that protect its exterior from nicks, scratches and damage from the sun.

What you get for the trouble is a hard 9H finish that should minimize lighting scratching as successfully as any ceramic covering can.
It’s designed to last five years or more, like lots of the professionally applied, detail-shop ceramics.
Drexler promises that with reasonable hose pressure (say, from the low-grade pressure washer), nearly anything trapped to a Drexler-coated motor vehicle will wash off without rubbing.
You can also level CMX Ceramic Spray with two or three consecutive coats, leaving those 24 hours in between, before you ever pull the automobile from the garage.
Either way, it’ll provide better hydrophobic defense than most carnaubas and poly waxes, keeping your paint safer as well as your auto cleaner and making your vehicle better to wash.
With application this simple and easy there shouldn’t be too

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