Find critical attack vectors before your adversaries without having to cobble together disparate tools for cloud security posture management, compliance assessments, and workload and data protection.
SideScanning™ covers all your workloads﹣VMs, containers, and serverless.
SideScanning™ covers all of your workloads – VMs, containers, and serverless.
This eliminates a large number of meaningless security alerts and can help you focus on what counts most.
Orca Security pioneered the initial solution to provide agentless workload and data protection, cloud security posture management, vulnerability management, and compliance management in a single platform.
Orca Security provides workload-deep security – including VMs, containers, and serverless workloads – across AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.
Orca Security’s patent-pending SideScanning™ technology is the only cloud security solution that identifies security risks without the use of agents, scanners, or any code running in the customer’s environment.

  • It covers the entire stack and not just one specific item.
  • Once that is complete, the real-time proprietary nature of new assets arises.
  • The only thing it does is copy the image and it does the scan which is a read-only operation.
  • You immediately see the results in the dashboard, and how it operates.

According to Momentum Cyber, backers poured $11.5 billion in total venture capital financing into cybersecurity startups in the initial half of 2021, up from $4.7 billion through the same period per year earlier.
And PricewaterhouseCoopers reports that 55% of enterprise executives intend to increase their cybersecurity budgets in 2021.
Orca claims to possess grown 800% year-over-year in 2020 since it secured contracts with customers such as Databricks, Robinhood, Autodesk, Duolingo, and Unity.
In the coming months, it plans to enlarge its footprint and customer base in the U.K.
And across regions in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, opening a physical office in London with over two dozen employees.

Security Code Scan

Orca’s London location could have an expanded sales presence and a new R&D center, the company’s first beyond Tel Aviv, Israel.
This open source tool detects various security vulnerability patterns like SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting , Cross-Site Request Forgery , XML eXternal Entity Injection , etc.
Spectral can also be used to monitor public Git repositories utilized by employees to detect accidental or malicious commits of company assets to public repositories.
You can also use Spectral to monitor public Git repositories utilized by employees to detect accidental or malicious commits of company assets to public repositories.

Whenever we did a PoC, it worked perfectly for us in a short window of time, and we had the confidence that this was going to be the right tool for all of us.
We started with our production account, and we kept scaling to your test environments, to our corporate environments, ultimately to every AWS account that we have out there.
It is being used as extensively as we can inside our environment.
If we are in need of more environments, it will be included within the practice.
It had maybe two periods of downtime if my memory serves me correctly, nonetheless it was hard to even understand that the service was down because we weren’t actively querying during those windows.
These downtimes were probably for less than a couple of hours.

It can reveal where there are vulnerabilities in your environment and provide us with access to the logs of specific assets.
For example, a normal scanner will miss scanning a particular Ip or domain.
When you are working in the cloud, everything is more elastic.

When I encounter an issue I will want to put it to the test.
This can be a requirement that whenever we create a cloud or we’ve a new business joining the company, that it be deployed at inception.
It is one of the very first things that I require before any integration is performed.
In terms of performance, because it’s agentless, it’s not stealing cycles from your own application.
It secures all of our perimeter and AWS, and also all of our databases, applications, and transport.
For every facet of AWS, right down to os’s, we use Orca to take a look at it.

Tuxera’s File System Software Chosen By Orca Security For His Or Her Enterprise Multi-cloud Security Platform

There are some other solutions with that kind of functionality, but before Orca, nobody would do it.
They would say, “You have to put a realtor somewhere, and we must read your logs,” and there is a great deal of overhead and you also had to be sure you kept these requirements happening.
With Orca’s SideScanning, they just need permissions for your account and that means it is so simple.
The first a couple of things you need to do in security are to learn what you have and keep it updated.
If you can do this you’re going to stop 90-plus percent of security attacks.
In general, it’s really hard to do that in the cloud.

  • “There are so many valuable features that I possibly could list, but one that I appreciate is the PCI DSS compliance report.”
  • Our business acquires companies and which means we add more accounts, so we have to set up Orca for those accounts.
  • thousands — of false positives.
  • With logical segmentation, an organization’s data and customizations remain secure and insulated from the experience of most other tenants.
  • The agentless and direct collection of data enable Orca to see assets within our environmental and business contexts and prioritize truly critical security issues.

Do a trial of Orca and check it contrary to the current solution you have in place.
It is possible to assess how lightweight it really is and the depth of insights that you get in to the environment.
Consider the new angles of visibility it will give you.
It is rather easy and you will notice the differences instantly.
The main competitor is Wiz, which offers an excellent suite.

I’ve also evaluated Palo Alto Prisma multiple times, and I’ve used and evaluated Lacework.
I’ve also used other services like Threat Stack and Tenable Nessus.
Compared to Palo Alto Prisma, I like that I don’t have to pick and choose with Orca.
I expect most of my products to give me everything for the price without having to pick from a menu.
Datadog, which we’re a person, started offering security in February.
We used Datadog as a design partner, and I like areas of it.
But now that they are charging for it, we won’t continue to use it.

Fugue is an enterprise-oriented, cloud-based CSPM solution designed with engineers in mind to provide overarching visibility on a company’s security posture.
Fugue is targeted on maintaining compliance standards and provides an API for straightforward implementation.
Needlessly to say, malefactors followed the organization crowd.In 2020, cloud services sawa 600% risein attacks on their services.
In the last couple of years,cloud misconfigurations alonecost businesses almost $5 trillion and resulted in the release of over 33 billion user records.
So it is no surprise to learn that the cloud security market is likely to grow to a market size ofover $68 billionby 2025.
A recentsurvey of nearly 2,000 IT professionalsfound that some (85%) enterprises believe cloud technologies are critical to innovation, only 40% actually have a security policy set up.

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