CNP Laboratory: A Korean skincare and cosmetics brand that sells high-quality products to create healthy, flawless skin.

But remember that Kaja is owned by MBX, a parent company that owns other brands that aren’t cruelty-free.
Kaja creates adorable, bite-size makeup products packed with Korean innovation.
Kaja may be the first co-developed K-Beauty brand with Sephora and its own unique makeup products are available at Sephora nationwide.

My skin always feels as smooth as a baby’s bottom afterwards, so it’s 100% worth buying these in bulk.
JUNGSAEMMOOL, or Jung Saem Mool, is a renowned makeup artist in South Korea.

All About Winter Skin Hydration

The sok-gwang look, however, features well hydrated and glowing skin.
An average on-trend product is Mamonde’s Aqua Glow Ball Base, a roll-on primer that leaves your skin shining lightly while correcting skin imperfections.
44% of Thai metro consumers have purchased products to address skin dullness in the last six months.
According to data collected by Dadex’s Worldometer, Asia Pacific comprises 4.5 billion people, or just lacking 60% of the global population.

  • I used to spend a fortune on beauty/skincare at Sephora, but though my products have increased in quantity and use, they’re a lot cheaper.
  • Panthenol is also good for acne treatment due to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties .
  • has slown down, and although I still get oily, I’d consider myself more of combination now.
  • Innisfree also moved stateside with physical stores mostly in the coastal cities.
  • Tell us what products you prefer and we’ll add them to the list.

COSRX provides affordable products with high-content ingredients that maximize efficacy while maintaining pH levels perfect for normal skin.
With CNP’s patented Aqua Holding System, the product effectively moisturized and hydrated my skin.
I felt super plump after putting it on and it was comfortably hydrated as I went about my day.
At the 4-hour mark my hydration level was still doing pretty good even without the help of spraying any mists.

Then I Met You is a premium skin care brand founded by the creator of Soko Glam, Charlotte Cho.
All of its cosmetics are stated in South Korea and formulated with clean ingredients, free of artificial colorants, parabens,, silicones, and alcohol.
CLE Cosmetics is a minimalist makeup and skincare line.
All of its cosmetics were curated, sourced, and inspired by the most recent Korean beauty technology.
Galactomyces are a type of fermented yeast, and I’d never have cared to learn what that is if it weren’t the star ingredient in SK-II’s cult type of skin-care products.
Galactomyces ferment filtrate is abundant in vitamins, proteins, enzymes, and organic acids, and when applied to your skin, this means improved complexion and texture.
Cremorlab, a Korean skin-care brand that rose to

True Beauty Begins With Healthy Skin

Here are 10+ Korean cruelty-free skincare brands, in addition to, 3 cruelty-free K-beauty makeup brands to look from in 2022.
In Korea, snail mucin is becoming so common as a beauty ingredient that even products that contain mucin don’t wish to name themselves after the prized compound.
Anti-ager, acne-fighter, spot corrector, and skin protector, this multi-hyphenate power ingredient is similar to the James Franco of skin care.

Snail secretion filtrate is the slime that the snail leaves when it secretes its tracks on the floor.
They’re great in skincare because they have healing properties that repair skin damage and fade out hyperpigmentation and acne scarring.

36% of Chinese females aged have observed dark spots/pigments within the last six months.
You can find the nature-based brand, Innisfree, around South Korea.
It has strong ties with Jeju Island, playing off the volcanic soil that the island is famous for.

You can also immediately feel that your skin layer is plumper!
On a standard basis, I usually work with a toner-soaked cotton pad to tone my face.

And Chinese consumer searches for “lashes” rose 152% on Pinterest, while #lashextensions has generated a lot more than 3.5 million posts on Instagram.
This item is non-returnable due to hygiene/health and personal care/wellness/consumable nature of the merchandise.
We do not accept the return of any products as all products are directly procured and shipped from South Korea.

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