Cosmedica: Hair transplant and plastic surgery based in Turkey.

However this will not mean the quality of the procedures or care is compromised.
Turkey has become an extremely popular choice for those looking for plastic surgery, with patients from around the world travelling to Istanbul because of their procedures.
The most common cosmetic surgeries performed there exists a hair transplant procedure to treat thin hair or hair loss.
Another reason the hair transplant cost in Turkey is more affordable is due to the high level of clinics offering the task.
This implies each clinic really wants to keep their prices set at a competitive level to encourage patients to go to them for their hair transplant surgery.

Before opening Cosmedica, Dr Levent Acar graduated from University Capa Medical Faculty in Istanbul, before going on to complete trained in a whole selection of different cosmetic surgeries.
He also completed Dr Horst-Schmidt-Kliniken medical education programs for further training.
Remarkably high success rates and perfectly natural results are what make Cosmedica’s practices so important.

Cosmedica Hair Transplant Clinic

turn to hair transplant surgery as a way of hair restoration.
The DHI hair transplant method uses special tools known as DHI Implanter Pen.
This method can be an improvement of the FUE technique, as the DHI pen protects the delicate hair grafts from accidental damage when implanting them.
A thin micro Sapphire blade can be used to make incisions, that is even more precise than a regular Sapphire blade and thus improves the healing up process.

Concurrently, cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation can be offered by suitable prices.
In Turkey, clinics which have been accredited by the Joint Commission International are provided with government incentives.
This program has enabled JCI-accredited hospitals to help keep costs down, which gives patients usage of affordable healthcare services.
The talk about Turkey’s best hair transplant clinics cannot be complete without paying homage to Hair Istanbul Clinic.
Making use of their 2000–6000 grafts packages, the medical facility undertakes a max of two surgeries daily.
Patients can enjoy accommodation, needleless anesthesia, Laser Hair-Line Designer, and before and post-surgery consultations.
Medicana Konya Hospital made the set of the clinics offering the very best hair transplant in Turkey 2019.

Since the cost depends upon several factors, it’s hard to estimate what you might pay.
The expenses of hair transplant surgeries derive from the number of grafts had a need to cover the area where you’re experiencing thinning or baldness.
Usually, hair transplants are believed to be a safe process.

It had been my fault not informing them- they were quick to ensure I had something nice to consume.
On your day of the operation a private car takes you to the clinic, where you are greated and treated professionally through the entire whole process.
I restored the my hair line in the front and I am happy with my results.
It is overall thicker and the task was only like half a day with a 10 day recovery.
My hair line continues to grow and I’m not regretting my decision at all.


With this technique, we’ve had lasting success with hair transplants in Istanbul for 16 years.
FUE is a technique that is particularly gentle on the scalp.
Are you currently experiencing a receding hairline, thin hair, or bald patches on the top of one’s head?

  • But the truth is that there is expect receding hairlines everywhere.
  • Armed with well-equipped research and development, Transmed Clinic is supported in its study on male pattern baldness bythe International Scientific Advisory Committee.
  • surgeon’s previous work and decide if the task is right for you personally.
  • Thinning hair is synonymous with aging, especially with men.
  • After your arrival, you can relax and allow you to ultimately be inspired by the metropolis of Istanbul.

They constantly be sure to are comfortable through the entire op and the after look after cleaning the donor area and bandaging was brilliant.
The after care package is also great with essentials such as for example finasteride and shampoos to avoid additional hair thinning.
Would thoroughly recommend Cosmedica as an excellent clinic to restore your own hair.
I would definitely recommend Cosmedica to those who are likely to do their hair transplant.
It is ti early to share with you result, as I’ve finished with all procedures yesterday.
Thank you to all staff here I really appreciate your commitment to your profession.
From the time I arrived in Istanbul, the Cosmedica staff made sure I was well looked after.

His team is equally one of the primary to implement micromotors.
No doubt, Turkey is considered by many as the best country for hair transplant, and Adem&Havva INFIRMARY is doing its best to uphold this reputation.

Consequently, hair restoration clinics can provide lower-cost procedures of equal and higher quality.
Dr. Serkan Aygin’s hair-loss treatment practice were only available in Turkey in 1996.
He could be credited with being in one of the initial medical teams that ever performed hair transplantation in Turkey.

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