You can even employ cost to relate to the amount associated with money necessary to carry out or make anything. highway robbery Exorbitantly or outrageously high prices. The occult meaning is to highwaymen, the holdup guys of yesteryear who roamed the open public roads robbing travelers. The word has recently been in figurative employ since at minimum 1920.

  • Cost is an extremely common word of which often refers to be able to the prices the person pays or the sacrifices that they will make.
  • The firm of which hired him just costed out a new major construction job last month.
  • Cost has several other senses because a noun and also a verb.
  • This phrase is most frequently used within the negative expression not for love or money to imply of which something or someone is unobtainable at any price—either financial or perhaps emotional.

(past tense, past participle ˈcosted) to estimate the cost associated with. The course is limited to 12 people and costs £50. We have to cut our costs in order to make a profit. with regard to love or funds At any value; in any respect available. This particular phrase is nearly all frequently used inside the negative expression designed for love or cash to imply of which something or someone is unobtainable any kind of time price—either financial or perhaps emotional.

Synonym Study For Cost

an left arm and a leg An exorbitant sum of money; a popular American hyperbole. to estimate or decide costs, as associated with manufacturing something. in order to estimate or decide the cost of (manufactured articles, new processes, and so on. ). It will cost you the lot of funds, but it’ll end up being worth it.


Most tellingly, though, sacking Mourinho would expense Spurs a fortune. But those features might make sense in a greater device like a new Pixel Fold since Google would not need to worry about design compromises or even cost. The shot is not accessible to everyone in the particular world, whether credited to supply or even cost. The challenging part is of which different households possess different tolerance amounts for risk plus cost. Few, when any, Republicans will be expected to assist the measure due to the expense and the least wage provision. Representatives have to complete price and feasibility reports and create agreements that will would govern exactly how the centers share information. There are usually different sources with regard to a degree, some price more than others.

Phrases Associated With Cost

Dosed by simply weight, Sarepta’s medications can cost as much as $1 mil annually. As associated with June, the essential package will cost a person $4. 99 the month, or $9. 99 with adverts. For instance, Hilton points cost $10,50 per 1, 1000, so one cent apiece. The fresh battlepass will price $10, though some of the items on it will be available free, similar to previous passes. The particular package, still being finalized, would price somewhere in typically the ballpark of $6 million to $7 million a 12 months, Haney said. Typically the highest-end dual-flush lavatories with one-piece structure and lining may cost up in order to $3, 260.

Value is a really common word of which often refers to be able to the prices the person pays or maybe the sacrifices that they make. The thieved painting must end up being recovered without exceptions.

However, expense is also used even more generally to imply whatever the cost of a product is. When the price are higher or expensive, that is said in order to be costly. You use cost being a verb to talk about how much money of which you must spend for something. You use the plural noun costs whenever you are referring to the total sum of money necessary to run something such as a business. This particular expression is dependent on Dernier-né Franklin’s The Whistle, which speaks of their nephew’s wanting a new certain whistle a great deal that he paid its owner several times its benefit. As soon as the whistle experienced been acquired, nevertheless, it lost its appeal of typically the unattainable, leaving the particular boy disappointed together with his purchase. see supply and a lower-leg, cost an; at all costs; pretty penny, cost a new.


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