Cybereason: Enterprise cybersecurity company. Its endpoint protection is designed to stop potential attacks quickly, rather than chasing alerts.

Trustwave Managed Security Services provide a new beginning for organizations struggling to fortify their increasingly complex IT environments.
But just because it’s a fresh beginning doesn’t mean clients must start from scratch.
Certification practice exams are also contained in an education platform created for flexibility.
Its new Identity Engine allows customers to handle unlimited identity use cases by way of a set of customizable building blocks for every identity experience, and creates workflows that require less data collection and can be tailored to any particular use case.
Winning back-to-back titles in any endeavor is not an easy accomplishment, but the CyberArk team achieved this degree of success by taking home the Best Enterprise Security Solution award in 2019 and once again in 2020.
DG’s Data Protection Platform could be deployed as a software-as-a-service or on-premises solution, or as a managed service.

The IBM Cloud team saves thousands of hours by automating SecOps, reducing vulnerability remediation time by 75 percent.
SaltStack automates the task of fixing thousands of possible configuration issues, vulnerabilities and non-compliant infrastructure settings, rather than simply informing the organizations that there surely is a problem and leaving their work within their hands.
OneTrust is finding an eager audience among companies keen on showcasing their commitment to privacy and transparency to consumers and boosting their market position.
To keep up with the most recent privacy laws and security updates, OneTrust has generated an agile process that includes issuing a fresh major product release every three weeks.
CISM is updated frequently to reflect the ever-changing job roles and responsibilities of security managers, and the fast-evolving threat landscape.

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