Lendroid eliminates the risk of the custodian being hacked during lending/margin trades.
Lendroid powers a shared protocol and a pool of liquidity for margin trading across multiple decentralized and centralized exchanges.
Treehouse is the most comprehensive portfolio tracker you have ever seen.

AlphaWallet supports all Ethereum-based networks including Ethereum, Polygon, Gnosis, Binance, Avalanche, Optimism, Goerli, Mumbai.
The initial DeFi ecosystem to be introduced on a blockchain is an exemplory case of this.
ADA Finance continues that tradition for both Avalanche and Cardano blockchains.
ADA Finance works on both blockchains simultaneously to allow users to select which network they would like to run the ADAFi ecosystem.
ADA Finance encourages platform growth by offering a referral program, and addressing milestones.
The ADAFi ecosystem combines traditional DeFi tools with innovative DeFi features that maximize opportunities for users.

MetaX will soon support fast transfers between exchanges, and extension wallets so that you can better integrate with the OKX on-chain ecosystem.
Today, discover Bitcoin, Ethereum Rootstock, NEAR and Polygon dapps.
You can send, receive, atomic switch, and use dapps across Bitcoin and Ethereum, Rootstock and NEAR ecosystems.
Atomic swap cryptocurrency across blockchains, with no need to trust a custodian.


They are ERC-20 tokens that represent locked BTC and closely track the cost of Bitcoin.
With one of these new G-UNI pools available on Zerion, projects can seamlessly offer new liquidity mining programs aimed at providing capital efficient liquidity that has come to define Uniswap v3.
As you scroll further, you will discover some of the most popular DeFi indexes alongside crypto assets categorized in line with the different sectors within DeFi.

DeFi’s first multi-chain DMM and the latest protocol powered by Kyber.
Trade crypto at the very best prices and earn much more fees and rewards as a liquidity provider.
Liquidity is aggregated from different decentralized exchanges to achieve the best price for any token swap on supported chains.
Fees adjust predicated on market conditions to lessen the impact of impermanent loss and maximise returns for liquidity providers.
Nord Finance, a blockchain-agnostic platform, provides a decentralized financial ecosystem that simplifies decentralized products for users.

Furthermore, the Zerion crypto app makes it easy for users to control multi-chain portfolios, track whale movements, and access a few of the most-prominent DeFi protocols and NFT marketplaces.
Interacting with dapps can be challenging for anyone with little experience in Web3.

  • Higher APR than on lending protocols with exactly the same risk, stake and unstake anytime in the secondary market.
  • SnowSwap is founded on Curve’s pooling algorithms, but it does a lot more than just copy and paste.
  • Market makers provide best-price quotations anytime.
  • Harvest automatically farms the highest yield available from the most recent DeFi protocols, and optimizes the yields which are received utilizing the latest farming techniques.
  • You can also work with a different
  • You can head to “Exchange” and input the number of ETH you would like to swap.

Zerion provides a single solution to access decentralized finance to trade, lend and borrow crypto assets.
It allows users to track their entire crypto portfolio across every wallet they own and manage almost all their private keys and sign transactions on its platform.
The business was founded in 2016 and is situated in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, California.
Decentralized smart trading, secure, reliable, and seamless mobile trading.
Trustless token-to–token exchange based on 0x protocol.
You can see the final price before you trade and complete your transaction in only seconds.

Or, Buy Eth With A Crypto Exchange

Atlas DEX allows you to trade any token across multiple chains, powered by permissionless bridges.
Using Solana’s Wormhole tech, the bridging of tokens is performed in a secure and decentralized manner. is really a decentralized finance platform where people create markets.
Be your personal banker and hedge fund manager with a wide range of сutting-edge financial tools.

  • Founded in 2013, BitGo pioneered the multi-signature wallet and may be the first digital asset company to target exclusively on serving institutional clients.
  • the floor price for your NFT collection individual and en masse and that’s super cool as well.
  • Zerion also uses Alchemy’s Trace API, an endpoint within Alchemy’s Enhanced API suite.
  • The target is to eliminate the steps involved in swapping stablecoins when you wish to swap to some other Yearn DeFi Vault.

The interface comes with multiple price charts and indexes to greatly help traders make well-informed decisions.
Moreover, the platform sends push notifications to keep users updated about every market shift.
With the Invest tab, customers can add liquidity to Bancor or Uniswap liquidity pools.
In addition, it provides rewards, and users can simply take away the liquidity through Zerion directly.
We support Ethereum, Terra, Solana Binance Exchange, Binance Smart Chain and Terra.
Ape Board could be accessed by simply entering your address.
It will track and display all your DeFi activities across multiple chains.

Decentralized finance has paved its way because the future of a global and open financial system.
For every traditional or centralized financial service you utilize today, there’s bound to be a decentralized alternative that’s accessible to anyone on the globe with an web connection.
Now, rather than checking multiple sources to maintain to date with the marketplace, Zerion aggregates these details for you.
Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard to add support for as much protocols as possible.
This is why now you can track just about every major DeFi token on Zerion.

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