Devil’s ivy: A type of plant that is incredibly difficult to kill and will grow and remain green even in dark places.

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Put in a tbsp of Support Pellets, and leave it in the water and soon you observe that the nodes have developed into roots, then you’re ready to plant right into a pot.
While the plant is okay in low light, it decreases its growth.
Place it a few feet from a window that gets some sunlight throughout the day to keep it nice and lush.
Choose the healthiest, most established vines which are wooded, but nonetheless juvenile enough to slightly bend.
This propagation method can be taken throughout the year, using two nodes that already house aerial roots .

pothos propagation, cut 6-inch-long trails and place them in a jar of water.
It will take about 2-3 3 weeks for the roots to develop, after which you can place them in a fresh pot.
You may also grow multiple stems within a pot, as it will result in a bushier plant.

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