Doctolib: Healthcare scheduling company located in France that offers video consultations with physicians.

The startup has three core entrepreneurial missions – to improve the lifestyle of healthcare personnel, to support patient usage of healthcare and to build a solid team of entrepreneurs.
However, these Top 10 10 telehealth startups already existed to offer such healthcare – and they are growing more popular.

An interior survey by Doctolib found that 80% of patients and 74% of GPs wish to continue utilizing the online consultation service after the pandemic ends.
With over ten years of expertise and data-driven insights, Livongo is preparing to meet up with the expanding virtual care needs of healthcare professionals.

  • However, centres médicaux where multiple doctors are on staff have become more common.
  • Teleconsultation video calls are a commodity and will exist as an app feature rather than the whole app.
  • It has lost 90% of its market cap after listing at $4.8B by way of a SPAC in October 2021 at NYSE.
  • Remember that you may want to push just a little if you’d such as a referral to visit a specialist.
  • In addition, it requires post-release support to include new features and stay ahead of the competition.

The physician will ask if you have a mutuelle and then tell you just how much you owe.
Around Paris and in the South of France, for example, the search for a physician is easier thanks to a greater density of médecins généralistes , meaning more who accept new patients.
Both residents and non-residents can easily see a health care provider in France, with the only difference being out-of-pocket costs.
In accordance with TechCrunch, the Paris-based firm is now the most valuable French startup.
If you’re looking to emulate Doctolib’s style of organic growth, we at Untangle Health have the expertise in building concrete frameworks that have proven successful.


It provides patients with an increase of than 40 different diagnostic procedures based on our patented technology to determine the phone’s status swiftly.
If you want to create an app Like Doctor plus, then hire the best mobile app development company.
Sminq can be an appointment booking app enabling last-minute booking for patients with specialized doctors.
In addition, it provides real-time status on the waiting list for a scheduled appointment, which saves patients time.

  • It can help doctors better understand patients’ conditions, to allow them to treat them accordingly, in addition to manage patient information and documents.
  • Consequently, individuals may examine the test data their doctors have uploaded and observe how their therapy is progressing.
  • Although France remains the startup’s main market, other prominent nations are the U.S., Germany, and Italy.
  • It provides doctors with easy access to patient and consultation records, rendering it simpler to obtain this data in a single location.

Online innovative platform which gives access to medical services patients based on location.
Qunomedical is really a healthcare company that connects patients with doctors in abroad.
My Health Africa allows users to book doctors for consultation offline and video consultation with specialists.

Like in lots of countries, more and more doctors are specializing, with fewer and fewer entering general medicine.
This has managed to get more difficult in some areas to find a family doctor.
Many expats find themselves separated from family and loved ones in their home countries.
As a foreigner, additionally it is sometimes difficult to acquire critical information regarding coronavirus infection rates, local measures, and restrictions, and today, thankfully, vaccinations.

Top 10 10 Doctolib Competitors

Subsequently, MediConnect has attracted more than 360 healthcare companies and almost 10,000 doctors.
We were also involved with a similarveterinary practice management software development, resulting in PetRealtime product creation.
Therefore, when developing medical scheduling software, you need to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements to protect personal data.

In France, the website allows users to get the nearest vaccination center, pharmacy, or doctor with free slots for vaccination against COVID-19.
For instance, restrictions in Brazil imply that, up to now, Teladoc only gives advice, and will not supply the full diagnosis, treatment and prescription services provided by its doctors in the U.S.
Medgate used a local partner — Telstra, the incumbent telecoms company — to launch their ReadyCare JV in Australia.

Through the height of the coronavirus pandemic, Doctolib’s platform allowed people in France to find vaccinations, pharmacies, and doctors efficiently.
The shifting paradigm of traditional healthcare to a demand for telehealth services created an opportunity for Doctolib to implement their product and improve patients’ lives.

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