The 2013 death of the beloved actor Cory Monteith, who played Finn Hudson, brought renewed focus on the show and its own stars and generated new interest in what happened behind the scenes.
There were reports of ongoing feuds between the stars, a workhorse mentality that had the stars rarely ever taking a break, and sadly, more tragic deaths to come.
Glee, which premiered in ’09 2009, was never expected to end up being the entertainment behemoth that it did.
However the show from creator Ryan Murphy, concerning the good and the bad of a higher school glee club, became a ratings juggernaut and thrust several formerly unknown actors in to the spotlight.
Within the initial two seasons, the stars of Glee became a number of the biggest celebrities of the 2010s, and their fame continued following the show wrapped up its sixth and final season in 2015 and many of them moved onto other projects.

The first half of Liz Garbus’ docuseries about Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, premiered Thursday.
It’s likely an identical situation occurred with Netflix’s Harry & Meghan, and just why Garbus said their policy of not commenting or responding resulted in an effort to “discredit” the entire docuseries.
Furthermore, Ellie Hall at BuzzFeed News reported that Harry & Meghan production company Story Syndicate got in contact with the royal households.

Atlanta’s Missing And Murdered: The Lost Children: Season 1 ( 94%

Just as important, they allow multi-disciplinary teams, guided by ecological sciences, to improve the entire functioning of a whole watershed instead of being limited to a few dozen acres of habitat.
The docuseries tells the astonishing story of what sort of controversial cult built a new city in the American midwest.
A bizarre true crime story you need to see to believe, Tiger King is really a messy and captivating portrait of obsession gone terribly wrong.
A worthy Serial supplement that’s not without flaws, The Case Against Adnan Syed fleshes out the life span of Hae Min Lee and provides context to in the complicated boon of true crime entertainment.
For FOX Sports, NFL Media, NETFLIX, Nat Geo, etc.), along with director Peter Karl bring you the Ohio State – Michigan college football rivalry.
Two legendary schools, teams, organizations, and societies that represent the strong personification of what RIVALS should be.

  • Over the course of the six episodes, she interviews various historians, politicians, musicians, activists and average Americans, and she travels to many states and important sites in the nation’s past.
  • Episode four of Harry & Meghan, the brand new docuseries concerning the Sussexes’ love story, details their wedding—and illustrates the day with photos from their private events.
  • The Restoring at Scale docuseries acts as a project journal for this important work.
  • The 2013 death of the beloved actor Cory Monteith, who played Finn Hudson, brought renewed focus on the show and its own stars and generated new interest in what happened behind the scenes.

With their obsession on the lurid details, true crime shows often turn victims into props.
‘When They See Us’ manages to avoid that, because of creator Ava DuVernay.
As I say, you know, in the preface for the original project, we all suffer for the indegent history we’ve been taught.


get caught up in a cult.
A former assault helicopter pilot and British Military strategic planner, Mikey Kay is an acclaimed reporter and filmmaker.
Covering topics of global significance, Mikey’s stories have already been shared by the BBC, CNN, ABC News and National Geographic.
Join correspondent and filmmaker, Mikey Kay, sharing the human stories of an industry at the best edge of transformation, from European ICUs to rural Indian hospitals.

  • Through executive and peer mentorship, workshopping and fostering industry connections, Fellows will leave with a deeper knowledge of how the business works, along with having tangible next steps to go their projects forward.
  • A Colombian family told Newsweek that, because the series aired, their father has been deported and their two sons have gone school to get into hiding.
  • Andrew is really a sought-after speaker on the topic of restorative water farming.

11 Minutes premiered on September 27, 2022, and tells the story of the deadliest mass shooting in American history.
The four-episode docuseries interviews first responders and survivors of the tragedy of October 1, 2017, through the Route 91 Harvest music festival

A new docuseries focuses on the victims of the financier’s crimes.
With compelling firsthand accounts and plenty of expert insights, Seduced is harrowing account of the startling ease with which a cult can consume someone’s life.
The Keepers draws on riveting, real-life terror to expose long-buried secrets — and tells a brilliantly assembled story on the way.

The behind-the-scenes clips span the number of emotions, from the player taking right out his frustrations in a locker room to light-hearted moments like jumping on a trampoline.
Players are shown stepping off private planes and behind the wheel of their cars, as the Netflix cameras followed them into all aspects of their lives.
Anxious families are shown watching as their sons and husbands compete for some of the biggest titles in the game.
Three of last year’s major champions – Scheffler , Thomas and Fitzpatrick (U.S. Open) – also participated in the series.
Access exclusive interviews with industry creatives, think pieces, trend forecasts, guides and much more.
NPR’s Michel Martin speaks with journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones about her new docuseries, The 1619 Project, that is using the journalism project of exactly the same name.
Nikole Hannah-Jones on turning ‘The 1619 Project’ into a docuseries NPR’s Michel Martin speaks with journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones about her new docuseries, The 1619 Project, which is using the journalism project of the same name.

It’s not the first time the thought of a curse was mentioned in mention of the series; the theory had floated around on social media marketing, to the displeasure of fans.
The proven fact that the docuseries would focus on a curse gave it an impression of salaciousness and exploitation, prompting fans and cast members alike to begin to speak out against it.
Even today, a fervent group of fans continues to aid the Glee cast, but still clamors for details about what happened on set.
However when the trailer was released, that excitement was largely extinguished.
The docuseries is another new iteration of the original concept behind The 1619 Project.
Though each episode is founded on an essay from the book, the show represents probably the most extensive reimagination of the project yet.

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