Donut Media: American automotive content brand featuring a YouTube channel.

As revealed by the dog owner Kyle, the name of the channel comes from the fact that the original amount of a drag race is 1320 feet.
In 2010 2010, after an incident among the participants of a motor rally in Russia, Smotra rapidly gained the public’s attention.
Since then, they will have amassed a net worth of $1.1 million through their YouTube channel where they post 4 videos monthly.
Although he created the channel this year 2010, his first review had not been posted until 2013.
His channel is Russian-based where he explores different cars, choosing to criticize on the flaws and critiquing them.
Juca Viapri, a Vine phenomenon, was already popular and further established himself on social media marketing, especially on Twitter before Vine was made.

The Logitech G920 remains among the best racing wheels for Forza Horizon 5, because of its quality construction, plethora of high-end features, and an attractive price tag thanks to the existence of its more costly successor.
Playground Games is continuing to work on removing and protecting against illegitimate times across leaderboards, including Rivals Events.
The studio has already patched multiple exploits, and players should begin seeing illegitimate times disappear from leaderboards.
Playground Games is wanting to avoid removing legitimate times, and is committed to this ongoing effort.

Examples include Nolan Syke’s’ “Wheel House”, Jeremiah Burton’s “Bumper to Bumper” , Zach Jobe’s’ “Money Pit”, and James Pumphrey’s other show “D-List”.
Oftentimes, hosts will partner with another host to create a video, as exemplified in the video listed below.
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While the company currently vends T-shirts ($25) and stickers ($5) bearing its snazzy logo, other product categories may also be up for grabs, including car accessories, key chains, and more.

Regularcars (aka Regular Car Reviews)

According to Business Wire, friend and family recommendations are the most influential source for car buyers.
This makes influencers who’ve built trust and credibility with their audience an ideal partners for automotive brands that are looking to obtain their products before consumers seeking to make the best buying decision.
Donut Media is a digital media company for millennial and Gen Z car enthusiasts.On November 9th, 2021, Donut Media was acquired by Recurrent.
Yuri and Jakub make used and mostly new cars reviews, in addition they make challenges and exhaust sound videos.
I’m sure like me, the majority of you guys like to spend time watching new and old car reviews, exhaust sound or any car related videos on YouTube.
Probably the most viewed video with this channel includes a compilation of several videos where individuals recorded themselves or their friends miserably failing while attempting to do stunts on motor cycles.

In 2011 Chris joined a military academy at 17, but he continued his production.
Their video titled “Gymkhana Ten,” featuring Ken Block driving his all-wheel-drive 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR V2 around Los Angeles, is a work of art.
He also offers some impressive guests on his show, including celebrities like Lewis Hamilton and Jerry Seinfeld.
Jay Leno is not only a comedian or somebody who used to host “The Tonight Show.” He’s also one of the famous car collectors globally along with his own YouTube channel.

Donut Media Faqs (faq)

The DailyDrivenExotics car YouTube channel has been featured on Jay Leno’s Garage and is one of the popular car channels on YouTube.
Third season was aired during 2022 Summer, looking to get back into life the initial season cars, both teams converted their cars from track focused cars into drift cars, focusing into engine and steering swapping, and adding drift brakes.
The show was proven to be successful for Donut, producing a second season that was announced right in the ultimate 350Z series chapter, and was aired from August 1st, 2021 to September 26th, 2021.
The second season was off-road focused, with Toyota Tacomas as the teams’ vehicles.
In June 3, 2021, Donut Media released a Kickstarter project called Stocky, that is a series of collectable toy cars predicated on real cars, but the Stocky toys have cartoonish proportions, similar to Hot Wheels’ Tooned type of toy cars.
Stocky first debuted on

A Russian YouTube channel created by Denis with the strange name of attic which he describes being an attic where he tells people stories of his life in America, or rather his automotive projects.
He wants his 1 Million viewers to know that he is really a car enthusiast, but puts a more story-like spin on his videos to make them more engaging and relatable.
Much of his content is his invaluable finds, or ‘steals’ as he calls them.
He buys cars in auctions for peanuts, explaining in detail the best methods for getting cars for less in auctions.

Donut Media was founded in 2015 by Matt Levin, a former product head at AwesomenessTV, Ben Conrad and Nick Moceri.

  • Helped raise more than $271 million to boost the lives of children and communities in 100+ countries worldwide.
  • Even the infamous OJ Simpson “car chase” in 1994 boosted Ford Bronco sales by nearly 24%, proving a captivated audience isn’t to be underestimated in driving sales.
  • This is not, as I was hoping, a long awaited baking spin off for the series, but instead has introduced a fresh story to the Festival.
  • Fortunately, that egregious omission is being rectified with Series 14, as Playground Games is adding 21 Rocket Bunny body kits, spread across 20 car models, to Forza Horizon 5 with the update.

Come From?), listicles , challenges (500 Miles In A $500 Car), and unboxings .
You can even argue that Two Grannies, One Lamborghini falls squarely within YouTube’s ever-popular ‘social experiment’ content category.
The video topics range between new car reviews, and test drives, to full feature films about cars.
The Motor Trend Channel also has various auto shows like “Head 2 Head” and “Ignition”.
His videos are known for their humorous and sometimes sarcastic tone and range from reviews of affordable cars to exciting in-depth looks into the world’s weirdest cars and luxury cars.
On April 4, 2020, Donut Media started a short-lived series called Versus, which was uploaded on Saturdays, that compares two cars and see which is superior.
The outcomes caused the video to end up being the most disliked video on the channel, with over 18,000 dislikes as of November 2020.

Through the entire video, they wave, make jokes, and just celebrate while they drive a very fast and very expensive car.
Since its debut, the clip has racked up a whopping 10,384,720 views and will be credited with putting Donut Media on the virtual map.

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