Doubleverify: Digital media authentication and security company.

These restrictions have affected marketers’ capability to use advanced analytics, AI and machine learning.
In accordance with TruOptik, OTT/CTV spending will reach a lot more than $20bn next year – and, as a result of quality of the content and a scarce supply, the inventory is sold at a premium, often at 10 times the standard for digital video inventory.
The quantity of CTV and mobile apps defined as fraudulent is increasing as the channel is commanding more ad dollars.
DoubleVerify Holdings Inc. shares rose in the extended session Tuesday following the digital-media analytics company hiked its annual guidance predicated on its third-quarter performance.
Amid declining ad revenue and advertiser exits, Twitter announced today that it has teamed up with ad-tech companies DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science to inform advertisers if their ad is place…
Platforms can simply establish trust and credibility with advertisers and partners by verifying the value of these solutions with Oracle Moat’s independent measurement solutions.

  • To deliver its solutions, DV maintains a substantial network consisting of colocation-based data centers positioned in top global media-buying markets that host the applications that respond to real-time advertiser requests.
  • According to DoubleVerify it is now the main kind of ad fraud across desktop,
  • DV data centers are highly connected so that you can receive and react to advertiser request traffic, and manage distributed application and infrastructure components.

The company’s total revenue in the quarter was over $1.03 billion, up 7% year-over-year.
The top line has held steady at or near $1 billion for the past four quarters.
NerdWallet’s successful quarter was driven by the credit card business, which saw revenues rise 59% year-over-year to hit $57.4 million.

Spotify Expands Measurement Options With Oracle Moat Analytics

The post also detailed the launch of adjacency control tools to help brands present their ads from appearing around quite happy with certain keywords.
DV data centers are highly connected in order to receive and react to advertiser request traffic, as well as manage distributed application and infrastructure components. [newline]DV utilizes a variety of backbone links between data centers, Internet transit, cloud connectivity, and Internet Exchange providers.
DoubleVerify authenticates the standard of digital media for the world’s largest brands ensuring viewable, fraud-free, brand-safe ads.

failed to mention that DoubleVerify and IAS both offer ad optimization services making use of their ad protection solution.
The reason for that is that they pale compared to OhNoo and Trapica.
Regarding fraud, DoubleVerify aims to maintain to date with the and methods to battle all emerging fraud types strategically.
Making use of their lab analyses of two billion impressions each day and the business being among the first to be MRC-accredited , they’re on track to succeed.
Kroop AI offers deepfake detection services to help organizations authenticate audio and video samples.
Access infinite inspiration in your pocket on everything from career advice and creativity to metaverse marketing and more.
Earlier this month, The Information reported that Twitter’s fourth-quarter revenue fell by 35% year on year according to internal documents seen by the publication.

At the recent Oracle Advertising Virtual Summit, Aaron Tabas, VP of content strategy and innovation, walks you through his recommendations and wishes for the advertising industry.
The profusion of opinions on social media and financial blogs makes it impossible to distinguish between real growth potential and pure hype.
MarTech Series is really a business publication dedicated to helping marketers get more from marketing technology through in-depth journalism, expert author blogs and research reports.
News Corp is really a global, diversified

Ad Verification – Doubleverify Latest Report

In the most recent quarter, Q322, NerdWallet brought in $142.6 million at the very top line – the best reported quarterly revenue of the four reported because the company went public.
More importantly, 3Q22 saw NerdWallet’s income turn positive, with the GAAP net income hitting $0.7 million and the diluted EPS to arrive at a profit of 1 1 cent per share; the previous three reported quarters had seen net EPS losses.
Netflix is one of the world’s leading entertainment services with 221 million paid memberships in over 190 countries, enjoying TV series, documentaries, feature films and mobile games across a wide variety of genres and languages.
Members can watch as much as they need, anytime, anywhere, on any Internet-connected screen.
This site uses Google Analytics to measure content performance and improve our service.

However, viewability represents a minimum standard of performance, meaning that the ad gets the opportunity to be observed.
There are more sophisticated metrics beyond this, such as how much real estate the ad occupies, in case a user interacted with the ad, or indicators a consumer is actually present.
Measuring performance, therefore, starts with a baseline of quality – did an ad have the opportunity to be seen, by a real person, in a brandname safe environment, in the correct location?
If this baseline is met, new, more nuanced metrics will emerge as superior predictors of performance – including brand lift, propensity to get and actual conversions.
In times of media crisis brands and their agency partners often grit your teeth and choose the safest option.
This was observed at the start of the pandemic with many advertisers and/or agencies blocking covid related articles to make sure they didn’t appear against death tolls or similar content.

The conversation stemmed from the point that some users were able to take advantage of the ill-thought-out Twitter Blue subscription, which offered anyone a verification mark that some used to then impersonate brands.
To provide its solutions, DV maintains a significant network comprising colocation-based data centers situated in top global media-buying markets that host the applications that respond to real-time advertiser requests.
These data centers must handle a massive and growing load of requests.
Between 2019 and 2021, advertiser requests have significantly more than doubled from five to eleven billion per day.
Viewability is one of the primary metrics advertisers use to measure success.

Doubleverify Reports Third Quarter 2022 Financial Results

Large vendors have deeper pockets to lure new clients to use their solutions.
They don’t necessarily utilize this as a unique feature but it’s available as a sales tactic.
Small to medium-sized publishers can’t ask for a reduced rate on the services – if they do, they will never be prioritized equally to the big companies’ other clients.
Smaller verification companies will offer you attractive rates together with excellent service.
Their interest is to grow together with your publishing business.
Days later, Musk hosted a Twitter Spaces conversation to reassure advertisers that the company is focused on stopping fake accounts and reducing hateful content.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing OhNoo is that you join the Trapica family of products.
We know that lots of businesses prefer having everything under one roof so why not when it comes to your marketing services.
While some ad platforms only cover a number of the major ad platforms, Trapica supports ad campaigns across Reddit, Quora, YouTube, and many more.
Depending on your targets, DoubleVerify helps users to create fraud and safety controls.

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