Dukaan: DIY platform for simplistic e-commerce programming.

And small stores were forced to turn off their businesses because of the severe impression of coronavirus.
This notion struck Suumit’s mind and within 48 hours, he along with his friend built “Dukaan” – an Google android App.
Suumit fulfilled Subhash in during his laptop or computer course, plus both had a watch for digital marketing.
They soon cherished their friendship and switched it right into a partnership with a marketing and advertising agency called Risemetric, as stated above.

Even when you don’t own real goods, additionally you can truly add them to your store and sell off them online.
It’s easy; template authorization is swift, and inbox operations with the business enterprise team is seamless.
One logs in and completes the needed information, after that picks, captions, and submits a picture.
Similarly, all that’s necessary in cases like this would be to download the app, enter into the business’s name and street address, and feed it.
Start by uploading photographs of their goods and services which are essential for the user’s briefing.

🏆 What Is Dukaan?

Plus, 78% of individuals also favor brand names that regularly collect and work on customer feedback.
These eCommerce tools will let you from setting live chatbots on your webpage to digging out important customer touchpoints.
Here are some of our favorite ones that will transform your eCommerce web site into a money-making machine.
Show visitors with appropriate offers based on their unique behavior and improve conversions.
CustomizationCustomization isn’t limited by your store’s UI.
This option helps people who want to modify their business name to reflect their growth or position.

  • This value is expected
  • Having proven that Drupal is a powerful eCommerce platform, you need seriously heavy coding chops to take care of its complexity.
  • It’ll update your optimized item data on all of your channels; a PIM is a good instrument for going omnichannel.

app that assists micro, small and moderate merchants to track…
Bikayi is a WhatsApp-integrated E-commerce store that allows you to open an online shop and earn…
The e-commerce sector is growing 36% year over year or so till 2021.
The market benefit of the e-commerce marketplace in India is roughly 84 billion US bucks.
Based on the experts this amount is estimated to reach 200 billion U.S.

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Next, its application programming interface may be the clincher.
“We contain actual APIs where anyone can build anything on top of that, that is the differentiation if I need to discuss the regional opposition at all,” he added.
He more said that around 16 plugins already are live, right from MailChimp

  • Additionally, the web site builder also offers a free plan which has limited features and 500 MB of storage.
  • Additionally, you can create these themes extra customized for your business by using coding .
  • Dukaan has been funded by Matrix Companions and Lightspeed India Companions.
  • The most considerable threat in Dukaan comes from Whatsapp, as mentioned previously.

However, creating and retaining an eCommerce website can be difficult, especially if you don’t have any experience with web development.
Stored and prepared for data analytics and stop fraud.
Recently released 2 iOS apps, one for the retailers and another for clients and do constant updates and feature releases.
Take the case of Aroma Dhaba inside the IIT Bombay campus.
This sole keyword generated 357 queries in 20 days and the owner did a lot more than 30,000 orders, Shah claimed.

Existing app users, on the other hand, will continue to get access to the app, and its own functionality will remain untouched.
They contact him or her to finish the process and educate them on how to run a successful internet company.
Expand your online shop through the use of custom webpages, including simple-to-use templates, which are widely accessible.
Pair one of many plugins contained in the add-on pack with a custom template to produce a completely customized eCommerce storefront.
Generate more dedicated buyers by creating your portable app and making it possible for them to purchase straight from it.

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