At the hack tower, they will acclimate to the area, grow strong of their vast compartments, and fly free into the Smoky Mountains at about 13 weeks of age.
They’re tagged and banded in order that if people see them following a time, the eagles can be identified and records of these travels and age can be determined.
Likewise, if the eaglets get too acquainted with the Dollywood Park patrons by viewing them from 80 feet away for a few weeks, they would tend to lose their wildness to the amount that their well-being would be significantly diminished.

AEF has assisted the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency along with other partners in the hacking of a huge selection of other eaglets.
Jackson’s Pond welcomes picnickers, hikers, bikers, fishers and birders, who is able to spot kingfisher, raptors and shorebirds along with other wildlife.
Several miles south of Eads is an area popular with wildlife, fishing and water enthusiasts; four reservoirs — Neegronda, Neenoshe, Neesopah and Neeskah — are all located nearby.

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