elmex: A German brand of oral hygiene products, including toothpaste and mouthwash.

SummarySodium fluoride is an ingredient of varied dental preparations used to support tooth mineralization and the prevention of dental caries.
While developing countries feature strongly on the list of fastest-growing markets, major developed countries Germany and Spain are still among the fastest-growing in oral care.
The high population of the countries is the main driver, despite low growth in percentage terms.
Whitening toothpaste is probably the hottest toothpaste types, with products within more than 50 countries by 2009.

Toothbrushing with the fluoride containing bioactive glass dentifrices had positive effects on the fluoride bioavailability within two hours.
Fluoride containing bioactive glass represent a new area for investigation in caries prophylaxis.
The bioactive potential impact on the tooth remineralization should be examined further.
Bioactive glasses which degrade in aqueous solutions may release bioactive ions such as fluoride (F-) and support fluoride bioavailability in saliva.

Candida Toothpaste Protect Professional 75ml

The Ministry of Health undertakes all health affairs in the Kingdom and its accredited hospitals include AL-Basheer Hospital, Zarqa Governmental Hospital, University of Jordan Hospital, Prince Hashem Military Hospital and Karak Governmental Hospital.

Consequently, the results of our study demonstrated the caries preventive ramifications of a HAP toothpaste that is non-inferior to a fluoride toothpaste.
That there is a difference between the fluoride bioavailability in supernatant saliva and salivary sediment for several three dentifrices with the various fluoride compounds.

  • Throughout a transition period it is therefore possible, that customers receive both, the previously valid as well as the recently updated product in exactly the same shipment.
  • The samples showed a reduced amount of the microhardness after demineralization; on the other hands, after application of remineralizing agents, both the tested remineralizing agents tested in this study have already been effective in repair and prevention of demineralization.
  • Then, the operator applied elmex Sensitive Professional desensitizing paste in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions utilizing a rotary cup filled up with the paste.

Imaging of dentine surfaces treated with 8% arginine and calcium carbonate compositions reveals surface coverage and coverage of the tubule orifices.
The mean tactile and air blast hypersensitivity scores measured at the baseline examination, immediate after treatment and after 1, 2, 4, and 2 months are shown in Table 2.
Airblast test scores per tooth forever points

Elmex Mundspülung – Caries Protection Mouthwash 400ml

6 years of age.
It contributes to daily oral hygiene in cases of exposed tooth necks, hypersensitive teeth or teeth with a higher threat of dentine caries.
These preventive measures are very important considering that it had been been demonstrated that caries in the primary dentition of 7-year-old Polish children increased the chance for the development of caries in the permanent dentition for more than 5 times8.
Elmex is a brand of toothpaste that is sold since 1962.
It is manufactured by GABA International AG, a Swiss manufacturer of branded oral maintenance systems situated in Therwil.

  • Carbohydrates are often not suggested in a specific diet, in this light, many products have been tried to use other sugars such as for example xylitol.
  • The prevention of dental caries in children and adults follows a multifactorial approach12.
  • In a few emerging markets, such as for example Venezuela and South Africa, toothbrush penetration itself has already been comparatively high, with many consumers already brushing their teeth every day.
  • For evaluation, the visual analogue scale is a common way for the quantification of pain severity in adult patients.

A kid was included as study participant only after the parents had given their written informed consent.
After informed consent was obtained, an initial examination occurred to screen the potential subject for study eligibility also to document the subject’s demographic data.

Take Care Of The Mouth Area With Swiss Oral Care

The randomization of toothpaste assignment was stratified by the analysis center and stratum (number of filled molars).
Distribution of the experimental toothpastes to the study patients followed the sequence of the identification numbers and was performed by trained study nurses not involved in the examination of the analysis participants.
Altogether, brushing with the study toothpastes was performed 3 × daily.
A brushing diary was used to monitor toothbrushing frequency.
Among the major limitations of this study is the insufficient a negative control, which can have affected the interpretation of our results.
However, we considered it unethical to get a negative control.
Other limitations are the subjective nature of hypersensitivity assessment and the knowledge of participating in a trial.

This study achieved a biomimetic remineralization process through the oriented attachment of nanoparticles based on non-classical crystallization theory.
The interesting results indicates that the use of ECM proteins such as for example amelogenin in the biomineralization process, thus imitating the procedure of biomineralization, will be a successful plan for enamel remineralization.
In the recent time, the dysmetabolic pathologies such as diabetes have put great attention on diet and on the composition of several teeth’s health products.
Carbohydrates are usually not suggested in a particular diet, in this light, many products have been tried to use other sugars such as xylitol.
The SISIO experience has been reported in this position paper with the aim to serve as a useful aid in the daily choice of the clinical steps to execute, when dental professionals have to treat demineralized teeth.
Tschoppe, P., Zandim, D. L., Martus, P. & Kielbassa, A. M. Enamel and dentine remineralization by nano-hydroxyapatite toothpastes.

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