Emarsys: Cross-channel customer communications platform. It carries out automation and personalization for emails, ads, mobile and more.

We are an email agency who believes in reducing the hassles of recruiting, onboarding, and training?
InboxArmy offers dedicated and trained email marketing specialists to resolve your talent problem forever.
“They introduce us to things we never knew about email marketing and split-test different designs to make sure they generate the best revenue for each campaign.”
Sit ‘n Sleep may be the largest specialty mattress retailer in Southern California.
Our e-mail marketing services include from Strategy to Development to Execution.
Today’s e-commerce market requires e-store companies to demonstrate inventiveness and always be one step ahead of the competition.
To succeed

  • The company offers a personalized demo with personal pricing options that could be scheduled on the site.
  • “Their work has helped to streamline internal e-mail marketing processes and has also contributed to a 140% increase in revenue.”
  • Some tasks which are done by humans today will be fully automated and that work will head to machines.
  • RankWatch, an online marketing platform with artificial intelligence, allows users to get insights of their digital marketing campaigns.
  • Some of its other benefits include client satisfaction, lower charges for translating and copy-editing, fewer errors in documentation and faster time to market this content.

Marketers is now able to connect purchasing and behavioral data to advertising campaigns in real-time with Emarsys’ CRM Ads.

Tanjo – Ai Market Research And Customer Discover Software For Marketing

And Omnisend is one e-mail marketing service that allows you to do that.
Besides assisting you send optimized email marketing campaigns, Benchmark also unifies your marketing across other channels such as for example push notifications, SMS, WhatsApp, and more.
With regards to email marketing features, GetResponse definitely packs a punch.
With advanced segmentation capabilities that enable you to fine-tune your automated campaigns to the “T”, this is one platform that may definitely give you bang for the buck.

by visual data science giving every marketer an opportunity to compete keenly against big marketing budgets.
Winistry is revolutionizing how websites and apps are built and run with the first unified digital marketing and operations built in.


The business leverages machine learning and big data to help identify clients and recommend products to them.
Tanjo’s AI-driven animated personas help marketing teams to simulate customer behavior and find out how they’ll behave to a product or brand prior to launching the campaign.
Datasift helps discover, structure, and analyze human-generated data shared on blogs and social media platforms without compromising data privacy.
Its AI marketing techniques help to predict customer behavior in real-time and create a personalized experience for each and every customer.

Promoty is a platform that helps brands and agencies to find the right influencers.
ProductFeed is really a product changelog that notifies users of new updates, features and improves retention for more use of products.
ParcelLab can be an operations experience management platform that transforms complex data into a smart solution.
Optimal Blue is a provider of secondary market solutions and actionable data services.

Stackla’s multiple-stack management helps digital marketing professionals to discover and curate user-generated online content from different regions, brands and teams.
Zetahub can be an AI-powered digital marketing automation tool that helps in understanding the customers to communicate with them on a person level.
Skai is a digital advertising technology platform that helps companies with marketing insights, planning,

This is often a great way to utilize data to influence the campaign and/or creative design process.
I got to discuss this with Janelle de Weerd, the Marketing Manager at Crobox.

Digital content writing tool that uses the power of AI marketing to optimize websites and blog posts in a single place.
The business provides customized packages with an enterprise-scale content maker to create even more unique content.
Acrolinx helps create content with the proper language and style that attracts the proper audience and suits the brand.
This ad optimization tool reaches audiences across all stages of the buyer’s journey, from finding new brands to making a purchase.
The company analyses past campaign data of a brand to find the most engaging content.
Persado’s rich data analysis helps find content that connects best with the customers.

We help you setup customer journeys and complex workflows in various stages of the customer’s buying cycle.
Get a clear, prioritized set of recommendations to improve deliverability.
InboxArmy’s corps of email marketing strategists provide actionable advice and suggestions to improve and optimize your e-mail marketing programs to improve ROI.
Watch InboxArmy founder Chris Donald in conversation with top email experts and obtain valuable insights on everything e-mail marketing.
Download detailed e-mail marketing guides garnered straight from our ‘in-the-trenches’ implementation experience.
Assess which marketing activities consume probably the most resources and should be optimized.

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