The schedule will learn from you past days to set correct times.
You can override it until the competition start, the true times procedures by the system will undoubtedly be used.
App.equipe.com powers online.equipe.com, our famous

Filled with details and an interface that provides the overview that you anticipate from us.
Latest discipline addition to be supported inside our system.
Over the years, we started to imagine what Endurance would appear and feel like on our new platform.
In the past months it has gone from undefined thoughts to explicit drawings and lastly to something real.
It’s a fantastic process to take part in, seeing it grow under your fingertips.
The dressage and show jumping will continue to work exactly the same as describe above, with one little addition.


Yes, you develop a competition with the discipline of Score summary, this let’s you calculate qualification in a number of different ways, by points, reversed rank, rank or percent.
You can also set deviations out of this, to help make the points series as you need without needing to know the number of starts beforehand.
You can create any number of scoreboards, each containing any number of scenes that you can choose from in the director view.
In order to change scenes automatically you’ll be able to set rules for every scene.
For instance during count down you could have one scene, during running time another scene and so on.

  • This view may also be regarded as a supervisor panel, where you can
  • During the past months it has gone from undefined thoughts to explicit drawings and finally to something real.
  • There’s support of VAT, tax and foreign tax.
  • In the outcomes view you follow and control the actual competition with a bird’s-eye overview.
  • Stable lists, Box signs, Electricity signs, Rider lists, Horse lists, Veterinary lists and Club lists.

Not the imaginary ones that usual comes up during long meetings.
Working at the show ground guide our priority in the development of Equipe.

We have special deals when not bought per organizer.
Then the federation gets the possibility to aid organizers in the country and help manage the shows.
I need a report with specific fields and with sponsor logos?

Score Summary

online-result service, integrated with native apps for both Android and iPhone.
You obtain an up-to-date start list with only a single click.
The tight integration with FEI OC web services lets you import the competition schedule and automatically map them to the corresponding judgements.
You can then import all entries from the FEI Entry system with an individual click, without ever leaving Equipe.
Additionally, searching for FEI riders and horses directly from within the system.
Once the competition is completed, easily export the results to FEI with the click of a button.

  • Back this year with fresh colorways and its own aero, second-skin fit.
  • You obtain an up-to-date start list with only a single click.
  • The system continues to run in the browser and because it’s linked to the timekeeping device locally it will continue steadily to operate.
  • App.equipe.com powers online.equipe.com, our famous
  • Due to Selleria Equipe’s focus on detail, these products were created for an equestrian
  • From the trail to the slopes to the lake, Equipe Sport has all the right equipment to truly get you outdoors.

A small progress bar indicates the status of the competition.
Using its breathable Diamond fabric with a honeycomb texture that helps draw moisture away from your body, the Equipe Pro jersey will leave you light feeling on your skin.
Three spacious back pockets let you carry your belongings.
At Equipe Sport, you’ll find the widest collection of four season outdoor gear in southern Vermont.
And with an extremely trained staff of outdoor enthusiasts, you may be sure you’re shopping local — whether personally or online.
The constant and attentive search for shapes and materials makes their products veritable masterpieces.
Because of Selleria Equipe’s focus on detail, these products are designed for an equestrian


There are numerous presets for distribution of point.
Most users will never change the default settings, but when you do have to, you can.
Never be in a predicament where you think the program can’t include the desired data.
What good would it not be to the have all data for open scoring, timekeeping, horse/rider information and sponsor logos without the capability to show it to the audience?
We believe that relevant information ought to be open to both riders and audience everywhere.
Split-view gives you an excellent overview by showing you the current resultlist left and the upcoming starts to the proper.

You see the latest submitted result, the current rider on the course with live percentage, a progress bar indicating the status of the judge.
Results which were corrected will be marked either as equal or changed for higher or lower.
This is important so that corrections could be announced to the audience.
One person can manually check the marking sheet, thanks to the integrated read function.
In the score summary, you can select other competitions, and in line with the rank there, hand out points to the rider or horse.

Because the system grows, we will also add more languages along the road.
What happens if the web connection is lost during timekeeping?
The system continues to perform in the browser and because it’s linked to the timekeeping device locally it’ll continue to operate.
The results will never be persisted during downtime but when the bond is back, next time you save a result everything will be saved.
It is something special about solving the same problem again but with new technology and building upon the foundation of app.equipe.com, it’s joy.
We support over 50 different show jumping judgements.

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