The aim of the existing review would be to envision the remote training and tabs on physical and cognitive aspects for adults with limited mobility , through the implementation of concurrent telehealth and exergame features using XR and wireless sensor technologies.
Recently, exergames have observed ever-increasing popularity in the gaming market.
Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360 360 consoles have improved the gameplay paradigm by introducing new interactive control systems .

  • Users who participate in a workout can apply the scenarios according to various cases, such as for example speed and target hits.
  • the game and intention to keep using it as part of the rehabilitation process.
  • The Types definition section is where exergame designers specify these types—the sub-phase Declaration of Exergame Types in Fig.2.
  • Ofli et al. showed that Kinect was a viable methods to monitor elder people while doing gym exercise at home.
  • Therefore increasing patient’s exercise using exergames could even have wider neurocognitive benefits, outside of improved physical health.

Fernandez-Cervantes et al. also conducted a preliminary study with potential patients who have been asked to do exercises through the use of VirtualGym; the study results enabled a noticable difference of the system interface.
While VirtualGym supports the development of rehabilitation exergames by means of gym exercises, PhyDSLK allows developing 2D physics-based exergames (e.g., casual games) for rehabilitation purposes.
Also, we evaluated our bodies by focusing on the development of exergames, unlike Fernandez-Cervantes et al. who evaluated their system by concentrating on how it supports patients in doing rehabilitation exercises.
The impact of exergaming on the postural balance in older adults has been reported .
For neurological conditions, there’s some evidence of the effectiveness of exergames in improving balance as supplemental therapy to standard rehabilitation of stroke patients and those with Parkinson disease .
For older adults without neurological diagnoses, various studies have already been developed; nevertheless, these have yielded inconsistent findings.
A systematic literature review with this topic included studies with active and non-active control groups and different study designs, including crossover, case controlled, quasi-experimental, and non-randomized trials .

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Exergaming, in order traditional exercise, may necessitate an extended enough period to impact body weight.
Therefore, it’s possible that the space and the quantity of the intervention could have a role in determining its effectiveness.
Nevertheless, it ought to be noted that children and adolescents are engaged in physical growth.
It is possible that the longer the duration of the intervention, the higher may have been the influence of growth on weight-related outcomes.
Pertaining to this, fat mass and BMI z-score can represent more reliable outcomes to evaluate changes in adiposity, however they have not been considered in every the examined interventions.
Focused more on exercise and encouraged participants to achieve 150min of moderate physical exercise per week utilizing a range of methods such as aerobic programs as part of the games used through the intervention.

MDSE technologies can be exploited to ease the game development process , bridging the gap between the semantics of GLPs and concepts of a particular application domain.
Bearing this in mind, Guana et al. designed and then implemented a DSL, PhyDSL, to allows developers to naturally define gameplay types of 2D physics-based games, reflecting the mental types of the developers.
They also implemented a transformation chain to translate the defined models into executable code for AndroidFootnote 1 devices.
A dynamic posturography system for investigating balance while standing on a movable platform, combines with EEG according to MoBI principles.

Option Of Data And Materials

Finally, some participants indicated interest in knowing more about the exergaming design and development process and how our study results may impact future development of the games.
In 2016, Zeng and Gao tried to investigate the available literature on the possible effectiveness of active video gaming on health-related outcomes in overweight/obese individuals .
Of the seven randomized controlled studies and the comparison study they analyzed for adiposity outcomes, four reported positive effects of exergaming on BMI, body composition, or surplus fat.
The authors figured this kind of videogame leads to a more active lifestyle by promoting physical exercise and decreasing sedentary behaviors in overweight or/and obese children and youth, and may reduce surplus fat.
Nevertheless, the Authors stated that the limited number and the grade of the available studies did not allow to highlight whether or how playing an exergame results in sustained changes in weight status and physiological responses, and the duration of occurred changes.
In 2015, Bochner et al. published a meta-analysis exploring the impact of active video gaming on weight in youth .

A specifically made exercise game Kinect, superimposes animated objects to be punched, kicked, or elsewhere interacted with over a video image of the user.
The Wii and Ps3 3 both incorporate motion sensors such as for example accelerometers and gyroscopes in to the hand-held controllers that are used to direct behaviors within the game.
Studies show that fitness games help manage anxiety in several ways.
A 2020 systematic review found that fitness games can be utilized to augment treatment for a number of patient populations such as for example geriatrics, and those with Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy, and spinal cord injuries.

of time and exercise volume.

Threat Of Bias In The Included Studies

Test group members also wished to know more about the objective of assessments, their test scores, and benefits into the future study.
They suggested having more introductory sessions with the virtual reality equipment to facilitate the use of the system and improve rapport with the research team.
Overall, the experience of receiving and shipping back the headset and printed material was satisfactory.
To facilitate technology deployment, the partner provided 2 state-of-the-art, standalone VR equipment for both the research team and the LTC facilities.
As part of their in-kind investment, the company allocated a specialized development team to create the virtual environments in addition to to conduct research on new gameplay metrics.
The company also spearheaded the development of the business model of the envisioned system to supply a sustainable and financially feasible proposal to the team.

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