I agree with comment titled “Why not do it the same way it had been originally done?” concerning the using established sterilization methods to decontaminate masks.
Commercial reprocessing of other medical devices classified as single patient use exists already .
Ethylene Oxide can be an efficacious way of decontaminating used equipment without damaging the material composition of the device.
Decontaminated devices are then washed to restore them to the appearance and feel of a new product.
Using devices that are well proliferated within local communities, namely commercial UVGI sanitizers, shortages of N95 masks and procurement delays of ordering new masks or UVGI equipment can be mitigated immediately.

Given China’s slow but promising recovery from the pandemic, and more importantly, the energy of manufacturing and production, I’m hopeful that in ways big or small, contributions could be made in order to handle the dire shortage of PPE in US hospitals.
To go on it one step further, official collaborations between US and Chinese institutions may be made to set up direct supply support.

He estimates that only 55% will get a life insurance product with a normal insurance company.
The company really wants to make it simpler to access life insurance coverage products in Europe.
Robinhood brokerage cash sweep program used to offer an interest rate of 0.5% to customers that were enrolled because of its Cash Management feature, based on the company.

Blockchain Revolution Partners

Folx Health is really a digital health provider designed with the medical needs and goals of the LGBTQIA+ community at heart.
Dynamic Yield is a conversion optimization and personalization platform for web businesses.
DroneDeploy is the leading cloud software platform for commercial drones, and is making the energy of aerial data accessible and productive for everybody.
Docent Health helps health systems design and implement better, more human patient experiences. provides Distributed Denial of Service attack mitigation services.
The contract lifecycle management platform that enables you to manage contracts in a single fully-automated flow.
Cloudinary is a cloud-based image and video management service for web and mobile developers.

  • To achieve the product up and running immediately, Robinhood is inviting a person with a preexisting Robinhood account or who’s eligible to develop a Robinhood account — meaning they’re 18 and over and meet other standard criteria — to join the waitlist.
  • It is an open question whether we citizens will have the gumption to use ‘sousveillance’ upward at all elites.
  • We could use 3D laser print companies like Glowforge or computerized sewing machines to design a 3D-laser assisted working prototype.
  • Many of us have spent years in countless meetings and meals and on airplanes with colleagues and yet never learned just as much about them once we have before four months.

Aiming to become the Slack of Asia, Toss Lab’s workplace-collaboration tool, Jandi, comes in Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese, in addition to English.
The startup says its customers include Lotte Department Store, Korean furniture maker Hanssem and LG CNS, LG Group’s IT services unit.

You need clean transparent 1.5 or 1.75 liter plastic containers, a couple of scissors, double-sided tape, garter, puncher and thermal foam.
The face shield is manufactured by cutting the finish area of the bottle, then the bottle into half, trim the sharp sides and punch both sides, double-sided tape on the glittery section of the thermal foam and then tape it in to the bottle .
Areas with minimal COVID to voluntarily seek exposure to gain immunity.

Individuals who build thinkorswim aren’t just experts, they’re avid and experienced traders, driven to ensure the platform remains just about the most innovative available to buy.
The key to your project was to build up a science-based and repeatable process that may be duplicated by any non-scientist.


Sentieo is a research platform that offers insights into the worlds of finance and business.
Petal is really a fintech startup on a goal to make credit more transparent, simple, and accessible.
Aspiration provides retail banking and investing services that let clients to invest and save money in environmentally friendly ways.

More on the methodology underlying this canvassing and the participants can be found in the final section.
Mundi, a financial services platform for cross-border trade, announced today it has raised $16 million in a string A funding round led by Union Square Ventures.
Philippines-based fintech PayMongo, which enables merchants to accept digital payments, announced today it has raised $31 million in Series B funding having an eye on regional expansion.
Seattle-based Copper offers features such as for example personalized debit cards, usage of 50,000 ATMs and support for digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

Fintech is also overhauling credit by streamlining risk assessment, speeding up approval processes and making access easier.
Billions of people around the globe can now apply for a loan on their cellular devices, and new data points and risk modeling capabilities are expanding credit to underserved populations.
Additionally, consumers can request credit file multiple times per year without dinging their score, making the entire backend of the lending world more transparent for everybody.

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