NASA awarded Firefly Aerospace approximately $93.3 million to provide a suite of 10 science investigations and technology demonstrations to the Moon in 2023.
As part of NASA’s Artemis program, Firefly Aerospace will be in charge of end-to-end delivery services, including payload integration, launch, landing on the Moon, and mission operations using its Blue Ghost lander.

Astra being on the brink of going under means an integral customer for Firefly’s engines is currently doubtful, so their revenue model is under great pressure than before.
It seems that Firefly has been switching back and forth with various schemes to supply engines to themselves, then contract out engines from others , and now sell the in-house built engines to others.
I think it’s good idea, he is engineer, leave day to day managing of company to someone with better skill set.
The technical part can vary from 3U around 27U satellites from world-famous universities and non-profit organizations.

Mission Success Flta002 To The Black

Combined with Firefly’s in-space vehicles, including the Space Utility Vehicle and Blue Ghost Lunar Lander, Firefly provides the space industry with a single source for missions from LEO to the top of Moon or beyond.
THE BUSINESS’S vertical integration business design also leverages U.S. commercial off-the-shelf components.

  • “I think we’re at the beginning of the bloodletting of aspirational launch companies,” predicted Adam Spice, chief financial officer of Rocket Lab.
  • The first stage will be 3.7 m diameter with 5 Reaver engines capable of delivering 8000 kg to LEO or 5800 kg to SSO inside a 4.7 m fairing.
  • Firefly Aerospace is leasing Vandenberg pad SLC-2W to support Firefly Alpha and Beta launches; this launch pad formerly supported Delta, Thor-Agena, and Delta II launch vehicles launches.

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Firefly conducted the first flight test of our Alpha vehicle on September 2, 2021.
Dr. Polyakov laid the building blocks of the Noosphere Engineering School, which encompasses a amount of cutting-edge laboratories located in leading universities in Ukraine and globally.
Dr. Polyakov developed the idea of an annual ‘Battle of the Startups’, the Vernadsky Challenge, to offer grants and support to engineering startups around the world.
Together with the Serhiy Prytula Charitable Foundation, Max Polyakov took part in the preparations for an agreement for the purchase of the first SAR satellite for Ukraine.

Blue Ghost Lunar Lander

Like Reaver, Lightning uses RP-1 and LOX as its propellants as well as the same combustion tap-off cycle.
It is also re-lightable for missions requiring multiple upper stage burns.
The Lunar Magnetotelluric Sounder , which is made to characterize the structure and composition of the Moon’s mantle by studying electric and magnetic fields.
The investigation can make usage of a flight-spare magnetometer, a tool that measures magnetic fields, originally made for the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN spacecraft currently orbiting Mars.
Firefly is really a subcontractor for the Northrop Grumman Antares series 300, contracted to supply the first stage booster for the Antares rocket.
This booster rocket is founded on the Firefly Beta first stage, but modified to match the proper execution factor of the Antares first stage configuration, to fit the same launch mounting and attachments, and exactly the same upper stage.

  • The company expects a dedicated launch of its Daytona rocket to cost approximately $4m and its own reusable Laguna rocket to cost $8m.
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  • Furthermore, the engine’s nozzle extension gets cooled by the exhaust gas of the turbopump.
  • On October 10, 2018, Firefly Aerospace and smallsat developer York Space Systems announced a partnership to provide customers a combined package of satellite and launch services.

Stage 2 has NASA’s experimental Spinnaker-3 drag sail to speed up the stage’s descent from orbit.
It is 29 m high (just like a 9-floor building), 1.8 m in diameter, its payload fairing is 2 m in diameter.
The Alpha first stage is powered by four Reaver 1 LOX / RP-1 tap-off cycle engines, delivering 736 kN of thrust.
The next stage is powered by one Lightning 1 LOX / RP-1 engine, delivering 70.1 kN of thrust with a specific impulse of 322 seconds.
Lightning 1 was test-run for pretty much five minutes on 15 March 2018 during a long duration test fire on Firefly’s Test Stand 1 in Briggs, Texas.
Firefly Space Systems began as a startup in January 2014 by Tom Markusic, P.J. King and Michael Blum and a little band of entrepreneurs who self-funded the company.
In November 2014, Firefly moved its headquarters from Hawthorne, California to Austin-suburb Cedar Park, Texas.

The satellite itself, along with access to the entire constellation of ICEYE satellite images, has been appreciated by Ukraine’s government for its critical contribution to military intelligence.
Building on this foundation of success in the online world, he co-founded IDE Group, including Cupid plc, Murka, HitDynamics.
When HitDynamics was sold to US company Hitwise , the world leader in online consumer search and behavior intelligence, Max became vice-president of Hitwise.

Libre Space is rolling out a telecommunications solution called SatNOGS COMMS that’s ideal for most small satellites and featuring tight integration with the SatNOGS network.
NASA’s TechEdSat program, supported by NASA’s Ames Research Center in California, aims to help college and university students gather experience in building and operating satellites.
In this program, NASA researchers mentor students to judge new technologies for used in small satellites.
WASHINGTON — Despite concerns concerning the viability of several new launch vehicle developers, many in the market say those vehicles are needed as demand for launch outstrips supply.
Dr. Polyakov is recognised as the “Man of the Year” for “Significant contribution to the revival of the rocket and space industry in Ukraine” by the Ukrainian national program.
Dr. Polyakov co-founded the NGO ‘Noosphere Association’ to encourage youth to be more engaged with their studies, and later pursuing STEM careers .
The Association regularly organizes festivals, conferences and meetups to foster fascination with science, technology, rocketry and engineering.

Both vehicles utilize systems that draw on well-established rocket technology, such as for example LOx/RP, pump-fed, regeneratively cooled engines.
Modern advances in aerospace composite materials are used to create strong, lightweight primary structures such as for example propellant tanks.
Avionics systems, including the flight computer and communication system, employ COTS components with established flight heritage.

Through the mission, Alpha successfully completed all major technical milestones, including a two-burn maneuver, relighting the second stage during its first orbital flight.
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Andøya Spaceport is a fully owned subsidiary of Andøya Space, concentrating on providing a launch site and related services for companies who wish to launch small satellites into polar and sun-synchronous orbits.
Andøya Spaceport operates a complete toolbox, including tracking radar, telemetry, and ground-based flight termination systems.

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