FlatBuffers: Data storage software that serializes data for transfer in such a way that it can be accessed quickly, eliminating the need to first duplicate it.

The same idea can be applied when scaling linked data streams, and even linked datasets themselves.
A root server could for instance serve as an entry way for data publishers to push their data to, in addition to for users to send their requests to.
These requests can subsequently be routed via multiple intermediaries, depending on which area of the data is necessary.
Consider, for example, that we want in a stream of train delays for the Ghent-St.

For RPC the binary encoding compares poorly to external schema formats like protobuf.
In this context binary ion is a poorly compressed text format.
My own advise for 90% of projects considering looking at base 64 should just use Hex or bytes.
Base64 for readability and sticking to multiples of two, Base91 for maximum efficiency with readable ASCII.

Reference Set Tracing

Other embodiments of the disclosure may include different computer-executable instructions or components having more or less functionality than illustrated and described herein.
For example, host computing device 106 may transmit and/or receive data via network communication interface 812.
User interface device 810 and/or network communication interface 812 could be referred to collectively as an input interface and may be configured to receive information from user 808.
9 is really a block diagram of an example host computing device 106.
Host computing device 106 carries a processor 108 for executing instructions.

by LineAnnotationDefaultsProvider.
Defaults for polygon annotations are provided by ShapeAnnotationDefaultsProvider.
Adds constant PSPDFFragment#DOCUMENTSTORE_KEY_LAST_VIEWED_PAGE_INDEX that’s used by the fragment as key for storing the final viewed page index inside the DocumentDataStore of the loaded document.
Adds PSPDFConfiguration#isLastViewedPageRestorationEnabled and respective setters PSPDFConfiguration.Builder#restoreLastViewedPage and PSPDFActivityConfiguration.Builder#restoreLastViewedPage.

  • Added WriteableDataProvider which extends existing DataProvider and allows writing of edited PDF documents.
  • Eventador-rs – Lock-free Pub/Sub event-bus inspired by the LMAX Disruptor.
  • receiving end must already know exactly what they are.
  • GATK recommended guidelines for variant calling proposes BWA-MEM for mapping reads, while Picard or Sambamba may be used for sorting and mark duplicates removal in the reads.
  • The most recent format for Kindle eBooks, KFX, is based on this.

Since the Engines have the effect of all data transformations, it’s also the Engine’s responsibility to answer provenance queries.
Where-provenance – narrows down why-provenance to input data elements which were copied or transformed to look for the output element value.
Ingestion is the process by which external data enters the system.

After the trial period is completed the user will be charged according to the package.
Even in comparison to a hypothetical whole-file implementation, the LTS base image update continues to be 35 MB (or 60%) smaller.
Similarly, VDFS exo-clones are 94 MB (or 25%) smaller for a base image update in comparison to a hypothetical whole-file implementation.

I went further with the dictionary concept so that it contains common data.
This way, your message contains just a few dictionary “pointers” .
This makes it simpler to fit messages in ASCII for 300 baud links.
Same here, I wrote an exchange core that did this using SBE.
Basically you do not serialize in the classical sense, because you’re simply taking whatever bytes are at your pointer and using them as some natural type.
The internals of the exchange also simply used exactly the same layout, so there was minimal copying and interpreting.

Implementation Guidelines¶

In some examples, executable instructions are stored in a memory 110.
Memory 110 is any device allowing information, such as executable instructions and/or other data, to be stored and retrieved.

Engine maintainers are therefore in charge of treating the images as immutable and ensure old versions are never lost.
This operations can be used to trace back a set of events in the output Dataset to input events that contributed to their values or their existence .
Migrate query – Updates the transformation state from one query to some other.

ElPrep , is a set of tools for pre-processing SAM/BAM files for variant calling.
It is just a multi-threaded, single command plug-in replacement tool which processes the data in-memory instead of reading and writing to I/O for every operation.
They also compare the results for a cluster deployment to show the scalability for powerful computing infrastructure.
In memory-driven computing, a large pool of various kinds of memories are manufactured and connected to the processing resources through the Gen-Z communication protocol.
The memory is shared over the processes being executed to avoid intermediate I/O operations.
This systems also allows byte-addressability and load/store instructions to access memory.
Used a Gen-Z enabled platform for genomics and reported 5.9x speedup on the SAMtools baseline implementation for several DNA assembly algorithms.

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