floify: Software that streamlines the home lending and mortgage process.

It allows businesses to create customizable 1003 applications and facilitate processes by managing creditors’ and borrowers’ eConsent via an online portal.
Additionally, it offers white-label solutions for users to customize iOS …
Floify, located in Colorado, targets digital mortgage automation and point-of-sale software designed to streamline the loan origination process.
It does that by providing a secure application, communication and document portal between mortgage brokers, borrowers, real estate and other mortgage stakeholders.
Note Dashboard is a cloud based mortgage note and loan management software for lenders and financial institutions of most types and sizes.
Note Dashboard provides home mortgage servicing software with a simple and consistent interface.

Blueprint crunches all the numbers and provides you a clean report it is possible to upload into your document system or LOS.
Key features of Roostify include customer statements, document management, loan servicing, pipeline tracking.
With Point of Sale Solutions, borrowers can easily complete an online mortgage application, instantly build relationships their loan officer, and securely upload and eSign documents, making it faster and less expensive for a lender to process financing.

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For more information, go to the company’s website at floify.com or on social media marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.
Floify is a digital mortgage solution that streamlines the loan process via a secure communications and document management portal between lenders, borrowers, and other stakeholders.
Lenders use Floify to collect and verify borrower documentation, track loan progress, communicate with borrowers and realtors, and close loans faster and easier.
Based in Colorado, Floify helps mortgage companies and loan officers create a better mortgage and refinancing experience for their customers.
Streamline your pipeline, issue instant pre-approvals, doc storage, run 1-click AUS, send disclosures & more.
Provide your clients with a branded, mobile-friendly & secure client portal to collect applications and supporting documents predicated on rules.

  • The platform can be used by loan officers to collect and verify borrower documentation, track loan progress, talk to borrowers and real estate agents and close loans faster.
  • You must click on the activation link in order to complete your subscription.
  • With Floify, we make it simple for your customers to keep an eye on their application, sign and review documents, and get automatic notifications to allow them to focus on their residence while you concentrate on the paperwork.
  • Lenders use Floify to get and verify borrower documentation, track loan progress, talk to borrowers and real estate agents, and close loans faster and easier.

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Calum Ross Depends On Floify To Drive Personal Production And Revenue In His Loan Origination Process

These capabilities tend to be related to loan origination, refinancing, servicing, debt collection, customer management and credit scoring.
Plaid is the technology platform and data network providing the various tools and access necessary for the development of a digitally-enabled financial system.
Plaid helps it be easier and safer for developers—from the smallest startups to the largest financial institutions—to build innovative financial services and applications.
It is a digital mortgage platform designed to help loan officers and lending teams streamline the loan process, from application to closing.

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Our proprietary rules engine, ACE, offers you an adaptable and dynamic system capable of handling all of your unique mortgage business requirements.
Cutting-edge analytics tools deliver real-time usage of the main element metrics and dashboards for everyone on your team.

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