Flowly: Virtual reality technology company created to help relieve pain and anxiety.

[newline]Spiegel saw Monterroso in his clinic the week before and thought he might manage to help alleviate her symptoms.
Treatments may provide relief similar to intravenous opioids — a tantalizing prospect for the an incredible number of Americans living with chronic pain.
Flowly supplies the first eight Flowly Intro sessions and #BreatheTogether experience to all users who download the app.
Users may then access the full Flowly platform with the Basic or Pro subscription .
Social Giving – The Flowly app #BreatheTogether experience features targeted breathing exercises in an interactive environment designed specifically to lessen anxiety, which includes been magnified due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
Flowly has teamed up with GlobalGiving and will allocate $0.50 for each and every and any session completed towards the Coronavirus Relief Fund.

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  • In many ways, the hospital room can be similar to a bio-psycho-social jail cell than an uplifting healing environment.
  • Virtual reality is a lot more than just a fresh form of entertainment, it is increasingly used in an array of medical applications, from treatments to training.
  • For example, for women in labor, Rose shows that a virtual world might offer “superpowers and catharsis and blowing stuff up” during contractions, while promoting relaxation in between.

We have been interviewing leaders of tech companies that are creating or have created a tech product that’s helping to make a positive change in people’s lives or the environment.
As a part of this series, I had the pleasure of interviewing Celine Tien, Founder and CEO of Flowly.
Increased stress, anxiety, and trouble sleeping are common for people living with chronic pain.

Easing the fight-or-flight mode to a “rest, digest, and recovery mode” allows the body to “recover, sleep through the night, and address much of the inflammation that happens with chronic pain,” Tien adds.
Still, getting insurance firms to cover VR applications will demand studies which are larger and that demonstrate that utilizing the tech cuts down on care costs.
And while the Oculus Quest 2 (that includes a starting price of $350) has been a leap forward in VR tech, experts all indicate needed advancements that make wearing VR goggles less clunky and much more enjoyable.
Sitting in a plush brown recliner, his beef stroganoff dinner on a tray before him, Jester tried V.R.

And Find Relief From Chronic Pain!

I do this in bed before I sleep and I sleep during the night no problem.
And I get to see how my heartrate changes as I learned to breathe better, and I’ve really seen a difference in my own body and how I feel.
Most of all I feel just like the things you learn in the app you take with you to your life beyond it.
Can’t speak highly enough of the app, and the team that builds is is so fast to react to you once you have questions.

Inside our first published study we discovered that despite evaluating 510 inpatients for VR, only 30 (6%) were both eligible and ready to go through the technology.
Strict application of exclusion criteria, including presence of motion sickness, stroke, seizure, dementia, nausea, and isolation status for infection control, rendered 83% of subjects ineligible for VR.
In other words, lots of patients already are in the hospital since they have a member of family contraindication to VR, making it difficult to find a perfect candidate for therapy.

There were times when investors assumed my male co-founder was the CEO in a gathering, or once the investor and their admin assumed I was the assistant cc’d on the email.
We’d one investor who wrote “I’m into from the box ideas” on his website bio and when we pitched, he said we were amazing but this was “just too out from the box” for him.

How Is Virtual Reality Revolutionizing Mental Health Treatment?

The patients’ performance is transmitted to their coach.
He started charting his opioid use in a little blue notebook, while continuing daily V.R.
Now, Jester told me recently, “I use the training right away when the pain occurs.” He squeezed his eyes closed and breathed in deeply.
“I can refocus myself for one minute,” he said, imagining one of many special V.R.
Plants whose bare branches become filled with leaves when his breathing is slow and steady, as detected by way of a sensor on the headset.
McInnis happened to possess seen an internet video in regards to a company in Los Angeles called AppliedVR.

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  • It’s what athletes feel when they’re practicing or writers feel when they’re immersed within an engrossing story, she told me.
  • Other studies have shown that amputees can benefit from VR therapy.

Flowly can be your app for chronic pain, stress and anxiety.
Founded in 2019 by two Yale classmates and an award-winning designer, Flowly’s mission is to take typically inaccessible therapies like biofeedback and virtual reality, and put it in the hands of the people who need it most.
The company’s easy-to-use and accessible interactive platform guides users in relaxation training to regulate their nervous systems while immersed in beautiful and relaxing virtual environments.
Flowly tracks user progress and will be offering an network forum to share and support with other members.
My co-founder Julian Soros and I met while we were both attending Yale, and we later connected with Narae Kim, an award-winning designer.
The app allows users to explore beautiful immersive VR experiences while simultaneously training how exactly to regulate your nervous system through biofeedback .
Users are gently coached during every session so when their breathing / heart rate improves, the virtual worlds they’re immersed in have more beautiful (more stars in the sky, flowers bloom, etc.).

Medical Cannabis

I take advantage of this when I’m having anxiety or panic to anchor myself in the moment.
The hypnotic visuals and soothing voice guide me right into a place that is in the present, assisting me to breathe more fully and ultimately take me from my panic state.
Inside our Community Membership you obtain usage of bubbles, workshops, and breathing features (but not VR + Biofeedback Kit and sessions included).
Still, pain is a subjective, bio-psychosocial experience that are culturally and geographically specific.

Biofeedback signals to coax patients into a state of relaxation.
“You enter all these different beautiful worlds, and you’re in a position to see breathing indicators and hear voiceover guiding the experience.
We’re teaching you how exactly to change your perception,” Tien said.

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