Fluidra: A water treatment and swimming pool equipment company

the pool and its facilities.

  • when looking into building a pool.
  • In addition, it delivers significant savings to the house owner or operator, and streamlines efficiency and sustainability in operations and maintenance.
  • Smart systems measure the amount of a specific chemical, pH level or pollutants and warn the maintenance manager.

The Neolysis system combines the main element features and benefits of these technologies and it corrects their drawbacks or limitations.
UV technology and electrolysis are well-known and available, but here is the first-time that the amazing results of this combination have already been brought to market.
In sports clubs, it is very useful to have the ability to quickly and easily control the user capacity, water parameters, and the cleanliness of the surroundings.
These particles set a specific challenge for swimming pool filtration systems and other types of water treatment equipment — they present a small size and can’t be processed.

Competition Pools

Coagulation in water treatment is the process of destabilizing suspended particles to reduce the separating forces between them.
To take action, a coagulant is put into the water for obtaining insoluble products.
The coagulation process lasts for fractions of another, although the reaction’s timeframe

Pools with a field of play of 30.6 m x 20 m for men and 25.6 m x 20 m for women for water polo events.
Colour treatment specifically designed in order to avoid colour changes that may damage the liner.
Moodify is a new and unique concept in the sector, which adds a unique and exclusive touch to your wellness center.
Moodify merges different treatment concepts in just one session, only using the latest technology.
They may also be utilized to perform less expensive water recovery processes, although their efficiency is slightly inferior to other alternatives.
The working speed is adapted to the true requirements of the pool, which means a power saving of 65%.

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66% decrease in pool refills, saving water and energy wherever it really is installed.
Constitute, where applicable, unlawful, deceitful or unfair advertising and, generally, that constitute unfair competition or violate the statutory regulations on personal data protection.
The business reported that sales growth had been in the double-digits for both January and February ahead of being impacted by Covid-19 in March.
The ESG Risk Ratings measure a company’s contact with industry-specific material ESG risks and how well an organization is managing those risks.
Fluidra’s Industry Division supplies equipment to Fluidra Middle East and centralizes the management of production in Europe.
Fluidra Middle East was awarded another prestigious project for the supply of Swimming pool equipments.

Fluidra has a first leader position in connected products that provides deep insights into product performance, product development and analytics.
Fluidra leads the pool space in user-driven innovation having been grantedover 1,400 active patents.

International, national and regional regulations require that larger swimming pools with lots of users should be completely emptied once a year to ensure the cleanliness of the water.
Special attention ought to be paid to the joints between pool panels during this process, although it’s easier to clean than

OC-1 can reduce backwash frequency and water consumption from once weekly to once every three weeks.
OC-1 removes 81% of 10-micron particles in a single pass and can even remove particles as small as one micron without flocculation or coagulation.

These considerations and more require all the management team’s attention, so they want swimming pool maintenance to be studied care of easily and quickly.
InnfoPool permits you to continuously control and report on parameters and conditions in both indoor and outdoor pools through a single screen.
It is a a key point in competition event pools to ensure a clean environment and optimal water conditions for the peace of mind of athletes and spectators.
In hotels or resorts, Fluidra Connect can control the different parameters (water treatment, filtration, lighting, water jets, heat and dehumidification systems, etc.) of hospitality pools.
In addition, it delivers significant savings to the property owner or operator, and streamlines efficiency and sustainability in operations and maintenance.
It is a perfect treatment for control your pool space, attract more guests, and therefore boost its economic performance.

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