Forward health: Subscription-based primary care clinic that uses AI and IoT to personalize and engage with clients.

the healthtech companies below create healthcare products and services that benefit patients and providers alike.
The Qure4u patient-engagement platform connects patients and in-home remote patient-monitoring devices with caregivers to aid the delivery of virtual care by physician practices, medical groups and Federally Qualified Health Centers.
The company’s RPM efforts include device connectivity, RPM data dashboards and alerts, patient care plans, and full integration with multiple physician practice EHR systems.
QardioMD + VSI can be an optional RPM service that employs the Visensia Safety Index under license from OBS Medical.

Device-generated data automatically uploads to your vendor-neutral platform for immediate review, reporting clinically actionable alerts with complete, bi-directional EHR integration.
Medidata Solutions offers SaaS-based clinical development solutions addressing the functioning of customers’ clinical trials.
The company

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