An agreement between Japan’s Atomic Energy Agency , France’s CEA and the united states Department of Energy was signed in October 2010.
This expanded previous FNR collaboration towards the joint design and development of reliable world-class FNRs and getting private manufacturers involved.

It was the only real fast reactor to use a full core of Pu-U mixed oxide fuel, and was sodium-cooled.
It completed its safety test program in 1972, demonstrating the capability of the Doppler coefficient in a mixed oxide reactor to stabilise it and control accidents in oxide-fueled, sodium-cooled fast reactors.
Fuel and coolant were removed in 1972 and the University of Arkansas bought it in 1975.

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  • The BN-1200 is section of a federal Rosatom program, the Proryv Project for large fast neutron reactors.
  • The cabinet rejected a FY2016 budget request from MEXT for JPY 10 billion to prepare Monju for restart.
  • Because the reactor temperature rises, the lithium expands into the core, displacing an inert gas.
  • Other kinds of lithium modules, also integrated into the fuel cartridge, shut down and start up the reactor.
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It’s been superseded by ALFRED, but Ansaldo Nucleare continues work on the idea in China.
Belgium’s SCK.CEN is likely to build the MYRRHA (Multipurpose Hybrid Research Reactor for High-tech Applications) research reactor at Mol.

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The main pressure vessel could be trucked or railed to the website, and installed below ground level, and the high-speed turbine generator can be truck-transportable.
The business expects a four-unit EM2plant to be built-in 42 months.
GA has teamed up with Chicago Bridge & Iron, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and Idaho National Laboratory to develop the EM2.
The BN-1200 is part of a federal Rosatom program, the Proryv Project for large fast neutron reactors.
Since about 2015 the focus for the BN-1200 has been increased safety and reduced capital costs, resulting in reduced power density in the reactor core, reduced core breeding ratio and a focus on nitride fuel.
OKBM envisages about 11 GWe of such plants by 2030, including the South Urals nuclear plant.

  • The core of an easy reactor is much smaller than that of a standard nuclear reactor, and it has a higher power density, requiring very efficient heat transfer.
  • It was the only fast reactor to employ a full core of Pu-U mixed oxide fuel, and was sodium-cooled.
  • Closure of the 1250 MWe commercial prototype Superphenix FBR in 1998 on political grounds after hardly any operation over 13 years problem developments.
  • Another stream of fast reactor development is via the Nuclear Transmutation Energy Research Centre of Korea at Seoul University , drawing on Russian experience.
  • Thus, the Phénix plant has performed the fuel cycle loop many times, clearly proving the worthiness of the breeder reactor system.

Nevertheless, fast reactor systems will feature in further INPRO work.
At the very least four of the five systems have significant operating experience already in most respects of their design, which may mean that they can be in commercial operation well before 2030.
Japan’sLSPRis a lead-bismuth cooled reactor design of 150 MWt /53 MWe.
Fuelled units would be supplied from a factory and operate for 30 years, then be returned.
Allegro is planned as a demonstration plant for the 2400 MWt GFR envisaged by the Generation IV International Forum.
It will be a combined cycle plant, with secondary helium-nitrogen (20%-80%) circuit at 820 °C driving a gas turbine and then supplying three steam generators.

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Led by the USA, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, France, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Switzerland, and the UK are members of the GIF, together with the EU.
In 1994, Congress beneath the Clinton administration shut EBR-II down, and aborted the IFR 3 years before its commissioning, delivering a major setback to FNR fuel cycle developments.
The IFR ranked first in their study that was released in April 2002.
A further political goal was

without refuelling.
Metallic fuel is uranium-zirconium or U-Pu-Zr alloy enriched to significantly less than 20%.
Steady power output on the core lifetime is attained by progressively moving upwards an annular reflector round the slender core (0.68m diameter, 2m high).
After 14 years a neutron absorber at the centre of the core is removed and the reflector repeats its slow movement up the core for 16 more years.
In the event of power loss the reflector falls to the bottom of the reactor vessel, slowing the reaction, and external air circulation gives decay heat removal.
IN-MAY 2021 the Czech nuclear research institute, UJV Rez, announced its project to design by 2035 a fourth-generation high-temperature gas-cooled reactor aimed at the heating and industrial sectors.

Construction at Sanming is delayed from intended begin in 2013 and may happen after 2020.
Over 400 reactor-years of experience has been gained in operating them.
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