Glints: Careers platform based in Singapore. It links young people to potentially relevant job openings and internships at partnered companies.

Knotel Seed Real Estate and Retail Knotel transforms commercial real estate market with its Agile HQ™ Platform for businesses. Kiko Labs Seed Education Kiko Labs creates adaptive games for kids based on neuroscience to challenge skills needed for academic success. Hubba Seed Real Estate and Retail HUBBA is a platform and community for global creators .

  • Authoritarian states silence their critics at home and abroad.
  • The recruiter will then be able to quickly make a decision based on the results.
  • We will engage in a collective ritual to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Jan Palach’s death.

The company was founded in 2015 with a mission to Make Data Easy. We built the first ecommerce platform for famous people and have been turning hundreds of influential people into retailers over the past year. Unmade is the leading customisation platform for the fashion industry, directly connecting consumer choices to automated manufacturing.

As compared to taking up part-time jobs during the term breaks, internships are fast becoming a common option for undergrads, mostly because of how they’re great opportunities for getting an insight into working life. With mClinica, the duo aims to build digital networks of pharmacies, physicians, and patients, and also provide actionable insights for public and private healthcare organisations. They have connected thousands of pharmacies across Southeast Asia since 2014. “We also have a presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and also leveraged on influencers and bloggers which have helped us tremendously.” They don’t handle subscription services, but they are a prime example of how best to motivate people to start cooking, and their success is perhaps something to learn from.

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The aging population and low unemployment rate (2%), require older workers to remain in the Singapore workforce to augment manpower needs. Within the private sector, specialised career service providers Maximus and Ingeus have also established a presence in Singapore to provide career services to unemployed professionals.

Most of the companies are SME that require young Singaporean talents that are looking for creative jobs. According to their website, 76% of their jobs are from the Marketing, Finance, Sales, Operations & Software Engineering industries. JobsCentral advertises within an expanding network of 25 affiliated job sites. The job search engine has a database largely composed of graduates from local universities, polytechnics and tertiary institutions.

November 2013 Singapore Country Report

Millions use our tools to participate in public policy campaigns. As a member of the engineering team you will join a world-class engineering-driven company, where you’ll have instant impact from day one. We have an open culture and flat organization where engineers sit just a few steps away from the founders. And we’ve raised over $5M in funding, including our $4.6M Series A funding round in 2016.

  • We produce accessible, relatable, engaging content on the subject for our digital platform, , and run economics crash courses in marginalised communities across the UK.
  • Exploring the context issues; such as climate change and peak oil, and wider ecological questions, and social justice and equality.
  • Phone2Action is the world’s fastest growing civic technology company.
  • EVenues Seed Real Estate and Retail eVenues is an online marketplace for office and event space rental and bookings.

They suggested that to progress in this fast-changing world it is important to cultivate mindfulness and resilience, assume an edge and develop possibility thinking. They drew attention to the fact that work would not change, but how work is done, will. This is because human beings have the knowledge, and they can train machines to do the work. Hence workers are urged to sense technological changes early, and respond decisively to innovations brought about by digital revolution, technological changes, demographic and societal changes and global competition. Industry expert sharing on hiring insights and technological trends in the industry to offer greater insights into the job role and provide a reality check for jobseekers.

Singapore government recently launched a new initiative to extend availability of career advisory and coaching services further to more job-seeking Singaporeans. StartUpJobsAsia wants to offer high quality yet affordable services to Startups.

It garnered the support of over 175,000 people in a matter of days and helped put pressure on Mark Zuckerberg to commit to appear in front of US Congress and investigate other cases of misuse of data by third party providers. Join us for this informal brainstorming evening hosted by Economy, a non-profit organisation that aims to make economics more accessible and relevant to the public. Economy wants to experiment with innovative technologies that can change people’s consumption of news and make economics less confusing.

The professionals need to increase their competence in the field beyond their certifications and constantly seek to leverage newly-created resources mentioned throughout the commentary to ride the Career Development wave in Singapore. Singapore’s changing employment patterns also were addressed during the March event. There is now a discernible trend in the country towards a gig economy practice, where work is short-term and temporary, self-sourced, contract-based, and specialized. Sampson Jr, J. P., Lenz, J. G., Reardon, R. C., & Peterson, G. W.

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