Gocontractor: Digital onboarding and subcontractor management platform.

Employees can request absences at at any time and start to see the vacation days they will have extracted from their profile.
You can manage all documentation of employees in

Verify which workers are qualified to be on site and which workers are currently on site which means that your worksite stays safe and compliant.
When worker requirements or training updates are essential, getting the word out to your workers for recertification could be a hassle.
GoContractor automatically notifies your workers of changes so they can do what’s essential to get back to work.
8-bit visualizations allow users to move naturally between social rooms, presentation areas, office hours etc.

Construction Tech Company Initiafy Rebrands With Headcount Set To Double (aug-

It will also allow you to align their prequalification with the job or jobs they’re applying for.
Sitepass lets you create custom forms to fully capture important info and documents about your contractor and their processes as well as information related to the job or project.
Manage the compliance of one’s contractors and their employees and track where they’re working.
When your contractors connect, they will be necessary to complete a prequalification questionnaire.
The questionnaire will allow you to categorize your contractors, determine the services they are providing, threat of work being undertaken, and align their prequalification to the scope of work or jobs accessible.

For a small monthly subscription you might have visitor management on demand ready to go in your business within 48 hours.
The growing impact of ConTech would be hard to overstate, with many contractors playing catch-up to level the playing field.

Us Construction Firms Lean On Technology To Manage Growth And Weather The Pandemic

Sitepass enables the creation of custom forms, to capture necessary information and documents about your contractor’s business and their processes, together with source information relevant to the job or project working for.
Avature is really a highly configurable enterprise SaaS platform for talent acquisition and talent management that drives innovation in the HCM software space.
Founded by Dimitri Boylan, Avature empowers the leading-edge HR strategies of enterprise-level organizations worldwide.
Avature delivers its services from its private cloud, situated in data centers in america, Europe and Asia, and contains offices in Buenos Aires, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Munich, NY, Shenzhen and Paris.
When companies want to remove barriers to global hiring – they call Papaya Global.
Papaya’s automated, SaaS platform has an end-to-end global workforce management solution – onboarding to cross-border payments in 160+ countries.

We have experience training a large number of entities nationwide, through Municipal Leagues, Special District Associations, and Risk Pools.
NEOGOV Learn offers courses designed designed for government agencies and educational institutions covering a breadth of topics.
Reduce the time you spend managing third-party Contractors by 70%, overnight.
Our software simplifies your existing procedure for collecting, managing and re-qualifying mandatory Contractor requirements .
Improve and monitor your compliance levels in real time and ensure everyone who works on-site gets the required documentation to accomplish their job.
Contractor Compliance could be setup in minutes and will save your valuable company hours weekly.
Managing approved contractor, vendor and supplier lists take a lot of time out of

  • Connect your back office with the field to reduce double entry, stay on top of cashflow with work-in-progress reporting, manage preventative maintenance contracts with flexible billing options, all from the cloud.
  • These can all be configured in one dashboard and user interface.
  • Lanteria HR may be the most flexible platform for HR designed for large and mid-sized businesses.
  • The platform offers unlimited lessons, a learning library, gradebook, PDF exporting, custom branding, and so much more.
  • Buildertrend is the No. 1 cloud-based construction management system used by homebuilders and remodelers and also specialty contractors.

And, since folks are only human, we make it easy to make corrections to past runs.


With a central hub, your entire team can access private information, company updates, and much more from any device.
Your leaders will be able to see the big picture with informative dashboards, insightful analytics and on-demand reporting.
Workzoom automates the tedious task of organizing and tracking information, while eliminating repetitive data entry.
Workzoom will assist you to save time and gain valuable business insight, so that you can focus on everything you do best.

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