Gotrendier: E-commerce clothing platform that supports retailers in the sale and shipping of second-hand attire.

Sellers set “asks” for the sneakers they’re willing to sell on the market, i.e., they tell the market what they’re willing to sell the sneakers for.
When any of these things happen, the transaction is completed instantly.
The business has expanded its catalog to deal in streetwear, watches, and handbags.
The “throwaway” culture is disappearing thanks to environmentally conscious millennial buyers.
With offices in Africa, the united kingdom and the united states, EchoVC is really a technology-focused venture capital buying diverse founding teams.
Since 2014, CommerzVentures has been investing in early-stage fintech and insurtech companies at series A stages across Europe, Israel the united states, and Africa.
Specialist VC primarily invests in founders from the Baltics in the pre-seed to series A stages.

Fashion marketplaces are those spaces dedicated to the exclusive sale of clothing, accessories and clothing accessories.
Imagine them as an excellent bazaar where everyone sells her clothes and contains the opportunity to market as many products because they want.

  • Available for iOS and Android, to utilize Wallapop you certainly do not need to generate a subscription payment to upload your write-ups, only photos of your products and a good description.
  • Trendlee is highly curated and specializes in luxury brands such as for example Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Celine.
  • When you upload your write-ups, they will go through a review and approval process before being published.
  • The company brings together people in order that each can find the “new” in another’s “old”.

Competitors of Depop include GoTrendier, Grailed, Poshmark, Tradesy, Rebag, Carousell, Lampoo, Vinted, thredUP, Wallapop and 12 more.
Depop allows creative individuals, independent retailers, and brands to sell goods by way of a mobile device within a like-minded community.
Sellers can take a photo of the merchandise and upload it to their profile page, enter a description, including price, location, and delivery details before making it publicly available.
Social features enable users to follow one another, post comments, plus share their activity to other social networks.On June 2, 2021, Depop was acquired by Etsy.63B.
Business models evolve as time passes, sometimes due to changes in the market and sometimes because of advent of technology, leading to emergence of new exciting trends.

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ZhenFund is a Chinese venture capital based in Beijing funding early-stage companies in TMT, healthcare, and education among other sectors.
Tiger Global is really a private equity investment firm that funds companies in the technology industry from series A to pre-IPO stages.
Andreessen Horowitz, often known as “a16z”, is one of the most famous venture capital firms backing ambitious founders that are building technology for future years.
This marketplace is focused on selling exclusive, haute couture plus some fast fashion brands.

Market One Capital is really a pan-European seed fund only buying marketplace startups.
Commerce Ventures, based in San Francisco, exclusively spend money on companies in the retail-tech and adjacent sectors.

another production phrase.
Dollars’ rise, after President Donald Trump proposed cutting corporate tax rates as part of a tax overhaul.
The idea is to stick with companies who’ve an excellent attitude and they are easy to promote.
Keep in mind, you can find no locks in this business and any team could lose on any given night.

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In order to secure bigger foreign investment checks, founders from growing tech regions like Latin America certainly must invent proprietary technologies.
Yet there’s still value — and capital — in so-called copycat businesses.

Slow Ventures is an American venture capital investing in early-stage companies in the buyer, fintech, SaaS, creator economy, and crypto sectors.
Alumni Ventures co-invest in companies invested by other established venture capital firms across diverse industries, stages and regions.
SOSV is an international venture capital backing deep tech founders from their pre-seed stage to their growth stage in human and planetary health.
As its name implies, with this page and application you can sell used clothes, shoes and accessories.
This marketplace isn’t only focused on selling clothes, but you can find many categories in its inventory, from property to cars.

Goat’s experts examine the shoes and make sure they’re authentic, and the purchase is backed by way of a buyer’s guarantee if the sneakers are verified or not.
Sellers have to take some pictures of the shoes, specify the size, and set their price.
Goat keeps 9.5 percent of the price for its commission compared to eBay and Flight Club that retain 13 and 20 percent of the sale price, respectively.
Stock X is a live marketplace that lets users buy and sell, in demand sneakers.
Buyers make “bids” for the sneakers they want, i.e., telling the marketplace what they’re ready to purchase those sneakers.

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Stonebridge Ventures is a Korean capital raising firm investing in tech companies in consumer, enterprise, bio/healthcare, and fintech sectors from seed to growth stages.
3one4 Capital can be an India-based early-stage capital raising firm funding startups exploiting technology in fintech, consumer products, SaaS, digital media, climate tech, and digital health.
Founded in 2012, Sozo Ventures is really a late-stage capital raising firm financing startups in advanced data technologies, e-commerce, enterprise cloud, fintech, IoT and healthcare IT and related sectors.
Octopus Ventures is a seed to series B venture capital firm financing companies in the areas of health, fintech, deep tech, consumer and B2B software.
ModaCruz can be an online social marketplace for women to buy and sell pre-loved fashion products.
The users can exchange products like bags, shoes, clothing, jewelry, cosmetics along with other accessories on the platform.

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