greengeeks: A company that provides eco-friendly web hosting services.

For instance, some rent server space in a data center that is powered 100% by wind energy.
Others purchase credits to place clean energy back into the grid to pay for the fossil fuel energy their web hosting has consumed.
Its facilities are highly optimized with energy-saving tech, putting it at the forefront of the best green web hosts.
DreamHost’s shared enviroment plansinclude lots of great features, like daily backups.
Its shared hosting offers competitive features, like SSD drives and data backups, and I love the hack protection for shared enviroment customers.
The truth that InMotion Hosting is adapting its infrastructure to be more eco-friendly shows a solid commitment to green web hosting, beyond carbon offsetting.
This UK-based green web hosting company plants trees to offset the carbon footprint of one’s website.

  • The huge times reported by Load Impact might be a result of GreenGeeks’ mechanisms for spam protection or other such measures.
  • You will simply have to provide a few details about your current website hosting account.
  • First, their promotional pricing is valid for 3-year plans.
  • Scroll right to underneath of the green website hosting page and you’ll finally find everything.

However, the extras you get such as unlimited storage a lot more than make up for it.
GreenGeeks has also setup its datacenters using the most energy-efficient hardware and software, with no wastage of any resources.
How much disk space should you store all your webpages, images, products?
Going green is usually a significant investment in cash for a hosting company, and you can be certain they will inform you.
It all goes back to the fact that ultimately, we have been still the ones driving data center usage.
Although we sign up with a hosting company, for example, that web host still needs to house equipment in a data center.
EcoHosting may be one of the companies designed to use VERs rather than RECs, but they donate to the environment in different ways.

Greengeeks Customer Support (it’s Helpful, But…)

The hosting companies in this list are not just eco-friendly, they match with their green initiatives with reliable hosting services.
Check out the comparison table below for an instant view of what things to expect from these green website hosting.

GreenGeeks reports its infrastructure and staff numbers to the Bonneville Energy Foundation in Portland, Oregon, and pays BEF for wind power equal to 300% of its usage.
Their overall eco-strategy is fantastic, also it inspired me to obtain this service.
Eco-friendly policies like wastage reduction, implementing recycling process, and limiting paper usage.
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But eco-web hosting is the face into the future — and it’s also a very simple way to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.
Acorn Host also works with data centers that play the role of eco-friendly.
Their data centre partners ServInt and Liquidweb use low-voltage servers, recycle hardware components that may no longer be utilized, and donate to reforestation projects.

It has retained some of the core principles it held being an independent company, and carbon offsetting is one of these.
It is possible to blacklist suspicious IP addresses with VPS hosting plans.
As a free service, GreenGeeks offers a Spam Assassin program to safeguard email accounts.
The hosting platform works together with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to support renewable energy to combat the carbon footprint of one’s website.
And, the business has been identified by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as a Green Power Partner since 2009.

Reasons To Choose Greengeeks: My Greengeeks Review (

Our site migration specialists will hand-perform the transfer of one’s website files from your own existing website hosting provider to your new web hosting account.
You will simply have to provide a few information regarding your current web hosting account.
Green Geeks uses the Bonneville Environmental Foundation for renewable energy goals.
Hence, utilizing the company automatically makes your site carbon negative.
Apart from the green WordPress hosting benefits, the company pays significant attention to overall website performance.
Basic includes 1,000 MB storage and 10 GB bandwidth monthly.
Professional provides 5 GB storage and 50 GB bandwidth, and Premium increases this to 10 GB storage and 150 GB bandwidth.

  • Claire Broadley has been reviewing and comparing web hosting companies for a lot more than 10 years.
  • HostGator is part of Endurance International Group , a large hosting company with data centers all over the world.
  • InMotion Hosting in addition has made a commitment to plant 5,000 trees in the developing world via an initiative called Trees for future years.
  • This is often done through various means, such as investing in renewable energy, planting trees, or improving energy efficiency.
  • In 2020, the company made a bold proceed to use Google Cloud for hosting.
  • Furthermore, the company’s headquarters are built in compliance with LEED requirements – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

The most important element of Greenhost’s hosting plansis the decision of data center.
The Iron Mountain facility charges its customers on a metered basis to cause them to become reduce power consumption.

Going Green is a thing that is very real, for more than just the web hosting industry.
Although it’s not something they blow their horn about, A2 Hosting has partnered with to go Green.
Through this partnership, they purchase carbon offsets, which allows Carbonfund to purchase resources of clean, renewable resources of energy on a worldwide scale.

Right from the name, it is possible to probably tell that small website hosting company—and being based out of Portland, Oregon means they’re very focused on eco-friendly hosting.
Founded way back in 2002, Acorn Host has been providing green web hosting since 2006 and mainly caters to students, non-profits and small enterprises.
Fortunately, some website hosting companies are watching the impact their data centers have on earth.

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