Guild Education: Adult education and upskilling platform.

Guild’s industry-leading technology platform enables the nation’s largest employers—including Walmart, The Walt Disney Company, and Chipotle—to offer strategic education and upskilling to their employees.
Guild serves working learners from all 50 states, including 54 percent who are students of color and 56 percent that are female.
Guild’s payments and technology platform, curated learning marketplace, and advanced education and career coaching get together to help working adult learners advance within their education and career, debt-free.
A certified B-Corp, founded to bridge the gap between education and employment for the 88 million working adults in the U.S. in need of upskilling for future years of work, Guild can be an education platform that upskills workers and prepares companies for future years.
Guild’s industry-leading technology platform allows the nation’s largest employers — including Chipotle, Target, Walmart, Bon Secours Mercy Health insurance and The Walt Disney Company — to offer strategic education and upskilling to their employees.
Guild connects them to a learning marketplace of the nation’s best universities and learning providers, along with certificates in technical skills — with tuition paid by the business.
Denver-based Guild Education is on a mission to unlock opportunity

The employee experience below at Guild Education, compared to an average company.
The four-year, $60 million investment covers 100% of all tuition, books, and fees for team members.
I really believe that diversity, equity and inclusion should be woven in to the fabric of an organization, much like

“The notion that employers can play a role in assisting to upscale their workforce through education benefits is not something new,” Brittany says.
“But, the thought of it being a really strategic benefit and opportunity is a thing that Guild has championed.
People are making decisions on where you can work based on whether the company is ready to invest in them and the development of their talents.
There is more work to do as we take into account the multitude of employers in this country,

partners to offer their workers access to non-degree programs, such as for example boot camps and short courses, in career-relevant topics such as for example DEI Leadership, Sustainability, Data Analytics, and Digital Marketing.
These flexible, high-quality, non-degree programs have grown to be even more important in the COVID era as demand for alternative credentialscontinues to rise, and more Americans look to shorter-term training opportunities as effective stepping stones for career advancement.
Herschend Enterprises selected Guild Education, the nation’s leading education and upskilling platform, to power GROW U.
Because of their strong reputation allowing you to connect employers and high-value learning providers to generate opportunities for America’s workforce.

  • Around three million working adults have access to Guild programs through its partnership with companies like Walmart, Disney, Discover Financial Services, Chipotle, and Lowe’s.
  • BATON ROUGE – Today, LSU is proud to announce a new partnership with Guild Education, a respected education and upskilling platform.

A company like Discover Financial is following a more tech-oriented group of certifications and degrees.
However, a restaurant like Taco Bell hopes to fulfill certain management requirements by giving employees access to those courses that will assist them grow their administrative skills.
CEO Rachel Carlson spearheads the buoyant company’s workforce investment initiatives.
When she co-founded Guild Education with Brittany Sitch, the goal was to be always a venture-funded company that served the working adults of america by doing good business in good conscience.
It works in conjunection with several institutions offering online degrees and credentialing in cybersecurity, tech administration, and other new collar work.
A recent article in Forbes outlined the immense profits on return when companies invest in their employees’ occupational future.
Educational institutions also are wanting to serve an ever-evolving student body.

While there are a variety of online education models available, Guild Education acts because the negotiator between adult students and the schools they would like to attend.
They build analytics platforms for whatever requirements are in hand, and with as many as 1,600 degrees available through partner schools, students can be sure they are receiving a top quality education.

The 2U and Guild partnership will support forward-looking businesses that believe in education and upskilling as a strategic and cost-effective solution to recruit talent, improve retention, and develop the talent and skills needed to drive future growth.
Employees going back to school with support from Guild are more than 2x as likely to have a job change or promotion than their colleagues.
Guild university partnerships also see lower turnover rates with Guild students—about 5 percent compared to the US average of 22 percent.
Guild’s innovative technology platform and tuition benefits model gives more than three million American workers access to affordable pathways to education through Fortune 1000 employers like Walmart, Chipotle, Lowe’s, The Walt Disney Company, and Discover Financial Services.
With usage of 2U’s portfolio, Guild is now able to offer its employer partners a broader selection of online advanced schooling programs to serve an array of learners.

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